Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009, "Shut the Freezer Door"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
By: Teresa Criswell

"O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together. I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears."
~ Psalm 34:3 & 4 ~

I opened the freezer door, slid the drawer open as I was looking for an ice pack to place in the cooler with meat pies. I couldn't find an ice pack when suddenly I heard a 'clunk' sound. I ignored the sound as I was trying to rush out the door to make it to church on time. As I was running I shut the door, but as I hurriedly turned around I could hear that it didn't shut. I turned back with frustration trying to shut the freezer door, with my purse, notebook and Bible in hand. Wanting to curse the door; actually I did curse the door as I found myself unsuccessful in shutting it.

With great irritation, I put my belongings down, examined the freezer door as I could feel anxiety come over me as I was running late for church. It didn't seem as though there was anything obstructing the door. I tried shutting it again. At this point, as I was in a race against time. I confess, I was truly tempted to leave that freezer door opened.

Finally, as I confessed my sin of cursing the door and feeling this poor attitude try to take over; I was convicted of the devotionals I have been led to write in praising God especially in the midst of frustration. Taking a deep breath I was able to speak forth praises out loud to the Lord. It was amazing, peace replaced that anxiousness as this happened, I assessed the freezer again and realized the bottom drawer was sticking out further than it was suppose to, which was hindering the door shutting. So as I tried pushing it in I could hear and sense that something was behind the drawer, hence the 'clunk' sound.

I squatted down as I could feel my pants falling down and was gracing a sideways 'smile' for my daughter to see and of course she commented how gross it was as I'm trying to get this unknown object out from behind the drawer. I didn't care what I looked like at this point; it was time to fix the issue at hand, so I could go.I realized as I was doing so that the drawer was not going to come out of the freezer. I was literally going to have to take all the frozen dinners and chicken thighs off the shelf above, remove the rack, slide the drawer open and reach my arm behind the drawer in great discomfort as my face was contorted. As I reached back, my hand felt something, I grabbed the foreign object realizing it was a frozen can of orange juice.

Having to put everything back into the freezer, knowing that I was going to be about 20 minutes late to church, I realized I could have ignored it and just let the freezer door stay slightly opened or I could do a little extra work to ensure that the freezer door would shut and retrieve that thing that was obstructing the drawer. Getting the source of the problem out of the way.

The issues of life are like that can of orange juice. I can face them head on as I unintentionally glorify the problem by agreeing with it as the curses flow out of my mouth. It doesn't have to necessarily be 'cuss' words, but just 'praising' the problem. Or I can face those issues of life with my faith that God has lovingly provided as I choose intentionally, on purpose to glorify Him in the midst of frustration and praise Him versus praising 'it'. I need to truly observe what will be demagnified and Who will be magnified!

The can of frozen orange juice reminded me of what I get to do daily. That daily walk is intentionally making a choice to praise God, asking Him specifically for guidance, discernment and His wisdom and His understanding to know how to walk in that wisdom that He has provided, or making a choice to agree with what has taken place, that 'stuck' thing, in turn glorifying the problem.

I was reminded through this silly frustration how I must meditate on this scripture from Psalm 34:3 & 4. When I magnify the Lord as we praise Him, it leads us to seek Him. As we seek Him, He delivers us from all of our fears.

If that is the case; just imagine when I magnify the problems; as I praise the problems, it leads me to follow the problem leading to other problems. What will happen then? It delivers me into all of my fears.

I want to do the latter, by magnifying the Lord. How about you?

Be blessed as you magnify Him and in turn everything else is demagnified...those issues may not go away for a while, but God is magnified through the process, delivering you from all your fears!

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