Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 6 & 7, 2009 "Hoola Hoop Moment"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
By: Teresa Criswell

"Don't brag about tomorrow, since you don't know what the day will bring."
~ Proverbs 27:1 ~ New Living Translation

I was on a mission with my daughter. My mission? To go into the grocery store, pick up a Tiramasu cake for my mom's birthday, get to the checkout line and go.

I walked into the HEB Grocery Store, to the bakery, asked for the cake, received it and was on my way toward the cash registers. On my way to the cash register in a hurry, I looked to my side knowing that my daughter would be right along side me, when I realized she was not there. I stopped, looked behind me and realized she had stopped for a moment and placed a hoola-hoop around her hips and was spinning that hoola-hoop around her little waist.

The moment I saw her, she hurriedly placed the hoola-hoop back and ran to meet me. She said, "I'm sorry Mom I just really wanted to hoola-hoop."

Immediately, I was convicted of not enjoying the moment as I almost lectured her for not staying by my side, when suddenly it surprised me as I said, "Tristin you go back and you enjoy that moment." Her big brown eyes framed with those long lashes and her beautiful smile was so big as she ran back to the hoola-hoops and started her little hoola dance. With glee she said, "Mom! At school I can do this for a long time." I said, "You are really good at that. Can I show you a trick?" Her eyes really big with excitement said, "Here Mom!" She handed the hoola-hoop to me, I showed her my great talent of knowing how to spin it on my forearm. She was so amazed, which I loved, as she is still eager to be impressed by her mom no matter how silly.

It brought me to sadness for a moment for my little one as I often remind myself to encourage her to be a child, not wanting her to lose her childhood innocence. Yet, with my hurried life many times, I do not allow her to enjoy her moments of just being...being a child.

As we finally checked out she loves to use the self-checkout as we rang up the cake, placed the money in the machine and were finished with my errand at that moment, I was taught a valuable lesson. I was the student being taught by the Holy Spirit. "Teresa, you are learning that I have not promised you tomorrow, enjoy the moment I have given you."

We went home and rested for a bit and then got ready to leave for mom and dad's to celebrate mom's birthday with my sisters and their families. The sound of a family coming together is so beautiful. The sound of children giggling, chasing each other as cheerful screams are heard throughout the house.

After dinner my brother-in-law shared with me about the milestones in our lives and how when we get to the milestone we rejoice for a moment, then we are already thinking of the next milestone we have to get to.

He shared with me how the other day on his way home from work the 'to do list' in his mind was to mow the lawn. As he drove up he was reminded even moreso that it clearly needed to be mowed. However, he looked at his family and chose to be with his wife and children that night over the yard, and they had a great time. He said, "We are getting at that place where you are ready for the transition to take place as we have packed to move and with the transition not taking place yet, we tend to get wrapped up in that 'stand still' versus just enjoying the moment." He briefly shared with me how God has been showing him this so clearly. He also said, "I know that there is going to be a time soon where I will not be able to spend that time with my family (He is going to medical school in Mesa, Arizona), so I need to enjoy the season that God is allowing me right now."

As we were talking the Holy Spirit I believe showed me as I said, "On our way to the next milestone we can enjoy the journey to the next. Enjoy the pebbles on the way to the next milestone which represent the small milestones that you can choose to have. For God has not guaranteed me tomorrow."

It was a great reminder of the gifts that are before us, especially in my life with my husband and our children. I want to enjoy the 'present' so that I do not regret tomorrow for not enjoying yesterday.

Enjoy the weekend if you are allowed to. If it is making that extra phone call to your spouse if they are out of town and remembering the moment you first met then just cherish the sound of their voice. If it is having a picnic in your yard or pitching a tent inside your house with your kids, those moments will be forever cinged in their hearts and minds.

I was reminded of my parents when we were growing up didn't have a lot of money. Of course, we never knew this. However, my mom would save up coins and cans and save for our vacations every year. The choice of transportation was by car; our huge 'poop brown' station wagon. We would drive to the west coast every year. Our destination would be for example to Disneyland. Our memories as children however are not based on Disneyland, do you know what we remember? We remember the car ride singing, all three of us girls sitting upside down in the back seat with our feet up in the back window and our heads dangling over the seats. We remember swimming at the pool at the hotel. We remember being together.

Enjoy your life! If you have children, they are great vessels of God to remind us to just enjoy being...being alive!

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