April 12, 2010, "Holy God gives us the gift of His Holy Spirit"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written By: Teresa Criswell

God Your Holiness is revealed as we declare Your Glory!
The heavens declare Your glory!
The mountains declare Your vast Majesty!
The creatures below the sea declare Your amazing Beauty!
The billowing waves and seas that crash against the mighty boulders of the shores reveal their great awe as they run to You!
Your glory reveals a glimpse of You Holy God!
The Seraphim, the many Seraph angels declare You are Holy! They cry one to another as they fly, with two of their six wings! Wow!
You are Mighty God! You are more than worthy to be praised!
Praise and Glory to Your Holy Name!
Your Holy Name shakes the massive, mighty door posts of heaven! The door posts are not what we imagine...but door post are as deep below the foundation as they are above!
Your Spirit is revealed as Holy Spirit. Not just any spirit...but You sent Your Holy Spirit and have placed Your Holy Spirit on the inside of those who call on the Name of the Lord and follow, abiding in You!
I am no longer that one that just hollered out Your name when I needed help and then let go, like many times before...I am one who called on the Name, the most powerful Name and since that day have clung with great fervency to You Jesus. I cannot let go of You, I cannot help but love You! All that You have done; all that You have made all that You are...I am in awe of You Holy God!
Awe and wonder that leads my spirit to dance in freedom! Dancing to the beauty of Your melody of beauty and grace!
I love You Lord! I admonish, exhort and remind myself to fervently and passionately be in awe of You as I get to be Your daughter!


  1. This is truly lovely! I just love how God speaks to us and we are able to put pen to paper and His glory is revealed.

    Captivated by Him,

  2. Teresa, you have the gift of praise and worship, and that is one of the most beautiful gifts of all! Even our thankfulness to Father must be born of Him. Without His help, we are unable to even properly thank Him. I'm so grateful for His LOVE!


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