May 18, 2010, "The Comforter...He Provides What He is!

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell
~ Isaiah 61:1-3 ~

Isaiah the prophet speaking by the power of the Holy Spirit of God revealing Jesus Christ hundreds of years before Jesus came to the earth! The people in that time caught only a glimpse of what would be manifested upon the earth hundreds of years later as Isaiah spoke of this Indescribable Liberator and Freedom Fighter revealing Triumphant Victory! And now thousands of years later, we are able to experience that which the people could not comprehend experiencing for one moment. The imagination of the people could only take them so far in attempting to imagine such a beautiful freedom.

Have you allowed Jesus Christ to become your Savior and Lord?
Is He Your Savior, your Rescuer?
Did you allow Him to rescue you?
Are you in awe of how He revealed the Father God as He walked this earth?
Do you know that we have the power to reveal the Son of God, because of the Holy Spirit who reveals Jesus?

As I read the scripture from Isaiah, it is never tiresome to read what the Holy Spirit reveals of our Father. Notice! He is our Comforter. Our God longs to comfort you and I. This is beyond our ability to comprehend. I love that God is not just a Sympathizer...He with great overwhelming action longs to comfort us! I believe more than anything, He longs for us to know, believe, experience and live that He is The Great Comforter in our lives, so that we may manifest this by His power into other people's lives.

What is a glimpse of the Comfort I have received from the Great Comforter?
O! Wow! Words do not come close to describing such beauty. He gave me His refreshing, rejuvenating, resurrection life revealed by His oil of joy in place of my mourning for what is gone and dead.
He has given me more than I could ever hope or imagine.
One example in the comfort I have receive from my Lord and Rescuer is the condemnation of sin in the form of abortion. The murder of my children, His glorious gifts of life, I rejected because it 'inconvenienced' my life of selfishness. The muddy waters I barely walked through, the images around me lurking through the waters reminders of the shameful sin. In horror, I attempted to close my eyes through the trudging of heavy, haunted waters. I wept, crying out for someone to rescue me from the shame and weighing burden that seemed to drown me in despair.

Suddenly, I could see the mighty silhouette of His outstretched, nail scarred Hands reaching out to me. Sadly, my hands resisted His, yet my cries continued. I was blinded by the sin that resulted in great shame and condemnation. When I finally stopped and quieted the whirling voices of condemnation, that is when I heard the voice of Truth. The mountains that surrounded me in one moment were consumed and destroyed by His Majestic, Holy Voice of Freedom. His beautiful, overwhelming voice of Truth revealed by His great freedom showed forth God's unfailing forgiveness over me and with great awe, I finally received. As I received His forgiveness, I was able to forgive myself and ask God if it was possible to please tell His beautiful children that I once rejected, how much I loved them. Please tell them Lord to forgive me, please God. At that moment, I knew with His great comfort that the revelation of forgiveness was an action.

In the journey of His Great Comfort, my mourning was turned to joy as the oil of His Holy Love saturated me, revealing His beauty for my ashes that I finally handed over to Him. And in the revealing of His beauty my wardrobe changed from heaviness and cloaks of darkness into a beautiful garment of praise! The praise revealing the Comforter, my God! He healed my broken heart, His proclamation of freedom and liberty to me that was once held captive by my choices, Jesus, the Key opened the prison in which I had been bound!

Daily, moment by moment, I am reminded that I can enter the prison without any help of the enemy, when I allow my thoughts to be overwhelmed by what I have done, more so than being overwhelmed with what my God has already finished and conquered with Triumphant Victory through Jesus Christ!

I praise my God as He is Comfort and reveals His comfort in the midst of great darkness! We must allow His Holy Love to overwhelm us today, so that we may reveal that overwhelming love upon others! I am reminded today and at this very moment, that He provides what He is!


  1. I LOVE that caption...He provides what He is!!! I've never thought of it that way, but it's SO true!!!

  2. I've been living in the book of Isaiah this past year and appreciate God's comfort. You wear His love and forgiveness well and I'm always inspired here.

  3. Beautiful, Teresa! I had no idea you walked that road of shame for a time. And now, look at the beautiful garden God is growing in you! Love you, girl...


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