June 16, 2011, "Decluttered to Restored"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

"Restore to me the joy of your Salvation and uphold me by your generous Spirit."
Psalm 51:12, NKJV

A few nights ago I had the opportunity to meet some lovely women as I was invited as a guest speaker to share some creative ideas on how to stage their homes. It was so amazing what the Holy Spirit brought forth as I prepared and spoke that evening representing my staging service, "Decluttered to Restored".

There seems to be a significant awareness that empty rooms don't remain empty. A few of the reality cleaning shows on television have manifested this truth. These homes become filled with 'stuff', as that stuff seems to fill up not only the room but also the boxes, bins of all shapes and sizes storing the owner's once upon a time, 'must' haves.

Upon preparation of what I was going to speak about in regards to staging, I envisioned an analogy of our rooms within our homes being likened to our lives. Keeping this principle in mind that an empty room does not remain empty allowed me to ask myself the question, "Will my life be filled with the clutter of destruction and sin? Or will I allow my life to be filled up with the beauty of our God, revealed by Jesus Christ manifested through the Holy Spirit?

When thinking upon this principle, I asked the ladies, including myself to carry this mindset into our home. Our home can become a reflection of what we have allowed the Lord to set us free from in our lives. The peace that suprasses all understanding revealed in the midst of our own created chaos can be manifested in our humble abode.

This realization led me to even the clutter we collect on the counter tops, our desks, or wherever else clutter seems to multiply. We take a day to straighten, a few days fly by and the once cleaned spaces suddenly collect more clutter. In this reality, it is a humble reminder that our lives are filled with moment by moment decisions to maintain our communion with God as we allow Him to restore our once cluttered hearts and minds.

I am reminded daily that He is ALWAYS present just as His provision in decluttering is present. So in this reminder, are we joyfully coming into His presence at every moment, committing our behavior, habits and decisions to Him? For me, I don't, like I would like to, yet what a beautiful reminder of how simple we can live a life of freedom by the unfailing recognition of our nothingness in His EVERYTHING'NESS'.

Have you ever hired someone to clean your home or organize your home?
What was one of the first things you did before they came over?
Did you stress yourself by cleaning your house?
I liken that to what we seem to do when we feel as though we must clean our lives up first before we can ever go to God. We will never get it perfect, however, we can know the PERFECT ONE!

Moment by moment let us exercise our decisions by going to Him. He is the God of rest and peace. When we allow Him to declutter, confidently know that He restores!


  1. Great post, Teresa! I loved this...When we allow Him to declutter, confidently know that He restores! Great thought! Blessings to you!

  2. Dear Teresa,
    I am just in AWE of your gift! I am so so proud of where the Lord is leading you, and always remember, your blessings will come from the NORTH, SOUTH, EAST & WEST! Thank you for sharing & i love you.


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