Friday, February 9, 2018

February 9, 2018 | Mission Field Assignment

Triumphant Victorious Reminders

What would attempt to distract us today from God's greatness?

Would it be something that attempts to steal our reliance and trust on God?

Notice I say "attempts". Why? For this reason, because it can't be stolen, however it can be put down; not used and in turn what we don't use, we abandon.

So today, let us not abandon God's love that is ROARING within us which causes us to be AWARE OF HIS JOY that strengthens us;

being aware of HIS patience isn't the ability to wait; 
HIS PATIENCE helps us to respond to Him while we wait.

We are equipped with the Armor of GOD. The ARMOR is not just a "thing" to put on, THE ARMOR is more importantly our reminder to be aware of The Person Who we get step into as HE is within us and how He's revealed in all those parts and so much more.

Today we can say, "LORD, thank you for Holy Spirit Who reveals Jesus Who points us back to The Father so we can point others back to The Father with vibrant power in Jesus name!

It makes me wonder what our mission field assignment is today.
Staying fixed on HIM is part of the assignment as our mission fields are to ourselves, our spouse, children, co-workers, neighbors, someone who drives us crazy, strangers, etc.

Is it the ones who make our lives most difficult? 
Most likely yes, as those are the ones that can be used to drive us to HIM 
so we can reveal HIS LOVE we have freely received so 
we can love from God's surplus versus 
our own bankruptcy as our love quite simply doesn't set anyone free.

Have a Triumphant Victorious Day,

Teresa who happens to be a mother, but is no "Mother Teresa" :)

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