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Scrolled Love Note #2

Triumphant Victorious Reminder Inspired by the Holy Spirit Written by: Teresa Stevens Criswell "Peace.  I Am your Peace Who allows you to walk through the muck and chaos. I Am here - My authority I have already given you allows you to command chaos to be still and in order. This is key, CHOOSE ME moment by moment - every step - and peace will overtake you even while chaos is all around, I surround even that.  Behold Me! Make yourself aware to My presence that is already with you. I love you with Who I Am, I Am eternal and in Me, my Love is Endless, Papa God" Scripture References: Isaiah 26:3 John 14 John 16:33 Psalm 46:10

Scrolled Love Notes

Triumphant Victorious Reminders Inspired by The Holy Spirit Written by: Teresa Stevens Criswell   For the next few days, I will be posting one scrolled love note at a time that I believe the Lord inspired me to write last week.  I was led to write 20 small notes and roll them into small scrolls. The scrolls pictured above are the ones that were left over from when we gathered at our most recent time together within the setting of,  Daughters of The King Life Group.    Perhaps the scroll I selected today is just for you or someone you know: "Yes! I hear you. I heard you from those moments even when it seemed like your darkest hour. I have always been with you. Now it is time for you to hear Me - come to Me, come close. I Am here. I Am speaking. Open My Word, My love letter to you. As you call on Me, just know I will answer you - but I won't just answer you, I will show you great and mighty things you've never seen, dreamed or imagined before. I lov

The Transfer

Triumphant Victorious Reminders Inspired by The Holy Spirit Written by: Teresa Stevens Criswell Pumpkin spice fragrance oil permeated the morning senses to awake and crave for the Fall season that is quickly approaching. Fall reminds me of God's embrace when needed most; this particular season compels that craving for The Lord in His Word like no other. With all of that, my daughter & I met up in the kitchen for our coffee time with Jesus as we read together through Proverbs 25:21-22, Matthew 5:43-48, Luke 6:27-38, and Romans 12:20-22 Upon these readings, we realized even more that in this life we're going to unintentionally and perhaps intentionally wrong others and others are going to do the same toward us - BUT, will we stay a mess because of it? We were reminded to ask ourselves, "How will that glorify the King of Freedom and Deliverance?" So here's the awesome "light bulb moment"... When we receive Salvation -Who is Jesus - as awe