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Motivating Versus Deactivating

Triumphant Victorious Reminders Inspired by Holy Spirit Written by: Teresa Ann When a team of people are not stirring in prosperity and creativity, it is most likely not just the fault of the team - it might be a combination of both the team and the leader. Are we leading others by manipulation, lies, intimidation and/or fear? Are we insulting them in front of others and actually believe the lie that they will be greater producers due to humiliation? Or are we leading by encouragement and recognizing our family/teams strengths and allowing them to thrive? A leader gives the "why" to what is expected so understanding comes and fewer mistakes are made when they know the reason. A true leader takes time to appreciate their people and highlight the victories and wins; acknowledge the mistakes and teach the team how even in the fails, there's a learning lesson of what not to ever do again - every fail can become a win if and more importantly when we le