Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Royalty not Peasantry

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

"Never let loyalty and kindness get away from you! Wear them like a necklace; write them deep within your heart. Then you will find favor with both God and people, and you will gain a good reputation."
~ Proverbs 3:3-4 ~

(Photograph from Google Images)

The unsettling in my spirit and mind were fully apparent physically as the first five minutes of speaking to the ladies were horrendous. My mind and mouth were trying to do everything and the only result was tripping over my words and becoming more cotton mouthed the more I spoke. You could see the desperate eyes looking upon me, wanting to rescue me from me. They each knew something was going on as they know it is not like me to struggle when speaking.

In one moment, instead of continuing in pride and stupidity, believing that no one was noticing my struggle when it was fully apparent that they not only noticed, but even the atmosphere was turning cold. The compelling need to stop and ask the ladies to stretch their hands out in prayer towards me was incredible. It was as if I could hear the Holy Spirit say, "Teresa, humble yourself! No more pride...don't rob yourself or My daughters of what I want revealed Reveal My royalty, not your former peasantry."

Suddenly I heard my voice interrupt the atmosphere, "Okay, does everyone notice I'm struggling?" Hilariously, without saying a word, everyone nodded their heads as their eyes were open wide. I said, "I need all of you to please extend your hands towards me and pray." As they stretched out their hands, it was incredible...I couldn't believe the power of God's love shown through each of these daughters, the power of compassion as each of them loved me despite of me. I asked for a drink of water and then one of the dear ladies, my sweet friend spoke forth God's blessing and prayed that the unsettling in my spirit would be replaced with peace. It was incredible.

As everyone looked up at me, I began to cry, saying, "Every week, I pray, "God, I do not want to screw any of these women over. I don't want to 'jip' any of these ladies of what You want to do." Ladies, tonight, I almost robbed all of us of what God wants to do. Do you see what happens when we try to rely on our own strength and not His? I was revealing my former peasantry and not His royalty." After this happened, the exercise that God had revealed to me that morning began to unfold. Although earlier that day I had no idea how it was going to go down...my embarrassing moment became a classroom of lessons I will never forget.

It was astounding to see the 'word' I received that morning as I was taking the sheets off the bed to place in the wash. The motion in which my arm threw the comforter off the bed was in the same way someone would throw out a life preserver. I 'saw' the life preserver, then I 'saw' the word, "Lifesaver"...then what came together was remembering the story of Joseph and even Esther, 'seeing' the following words, "Favor is a tool that saves lives...Favor is a tool that saves nations." Further explaining that the nations can be the places where we work, frequent, and even our neighborhood, etc.

I picked up the 'Lifesaver' gummie candy package (On a side note, before the ladies arrived, I was led to cut up 8.5 x 11 paper four ways. I had no idea why...but I did. I placed a piece of paper on each seat provided and had extra ones just in case). Before passing out the 'Lifesaver' package, it started to come to me what the piece of paper was for. Looking at each beautiful daughter of the King I said, "Everyone of you should have a piece of paper that was placed on your seat. Please take that sheet of paper and place the names of those who have hurt you on that piece of paper. Whatever you write is not going to be exposed or shared with anyone." Then, I passed the package of lifesavers around and they were instructed to place the candy lifesaver on the list of names.

Before going any further, when I began to speak forth what the Holy Spirit wanted to teach us, passion was bubbling out of me and the words began to flow, "We are the ones who determine the IF and the THEN. We pray the Deuteronomy 28 blessing...but are we being obedient? We ask God why we aren't seeing the blessings, but He is saying, "The blessings are yours...but you determine whether you will receive or not...you determine the 'IF' and the "THEN'." Ladies, the Lord continually and lovingly teaches me, "Teresa, you can justifiably take your rights and be angry, mad, offended, and try to figure out how you can 'get back at those who have wronged you, try to devise a plan without taking it to me. Teresa! Go ahead...take your rights, but when you do, you forsake MY BLESSINGS!" We are daughters called to a royal standard. This gathering is not about placating situations...ganging up on those who have hurt us...this is not a gathering where it is a 'safe place' to gossip. It will not happen because when God deposited the name of this 'group' it was specifically revealed, "I will teach you how to reveal My Royalty so that you do not reveal your former peasantry."

In that moment, there was quietness and then this intertwining of events fit together like a beautiful symphonic melody. Joseph revealed with beautiful excellence what Jesus would urge each of us to do and that is to "Love our enemies, pray and bless those who spitefully use us, persecute us and hurt us (Luke 6:27-36)." We must learn to immediately pray to God when we hear of situations taking place, whether they are minor or horrific, take it to God immediately and ask Him for Wisdom as we reveal our trust in Him. Even moreso, we must do this together, not becoming isolated or alone. When we do this, we see with 'God vision' versus our mere 'eye sight'. As we do what Jesus commanded, it echoes Proverbs 3:3-6. Never (This is an absolute...not sometimes or most of the time, or saying, "It depends on the circumstance") Never let loyalty and kindness leave you. Bind it around your neck, wear it as a necklace and THEN you will find favor with both God and man. Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart and lean not on your own understanding (or our old way of doing things), but in ALL your ways ACKNOWLEDGE HIM and HE will direct your paths.

As the exercise continued, the revelation of God's favor was showing how God even wants to save the lives of those on that sheet of paper. If we don't accessorize our neck with loyalty and kindness, the continual cycle of hurting people hurt people who will hurt other people and hurt even more people. We must become a royal spectacle just as the scene in the movie, Princess Diaries 2. If you've seen it, do you remember the scene in which the princess stops the procession during the parade as she notices the orphans? One of the little girls, who was an orphan was being made fun of and bullied by another orphan. As the princess walked over to the little girl, she first addressed the bully with authority addressing what he had done as he runs off. She then looks to the little girl, bends down to her level, lovingly takes her hand and softly says, "Do you want to be a princess today?" And in a sweet, tiny voice the little girls says, "I can't, I'm too little." And the princess says, "I declare that anyone can be a princess..."

The tears flowed as you could see a shift in each of our hearts as we went from hurt to compassion as God was able to utilize each of us as a conduit toward those who had hurt us.

Wrapping up the moment, this is what was spoken, "Ladies, daughters of the King, we must remember that favor is not to hoard but to be extended to others. We must declare over the daughters that they too can rise up and be crowned as God's princess. We are crowned with favor to empower others. We are royalty; and true royalty steps down and picks others up."

I was honored to echo what God has revealed to me through my mentor as he has challenged me. I was able to challenge myself and the other ladies with the following: "When we leave this evening, let's not leave here, another Friday night with knowing we had a great time, but not remembering what we have learned. This week, give some examples of what we could do for others in our 'nation'. Let's see application, even if the person receiving doesn't show any appreciation, let's keep doing it.

The things that were mentioned amongst the ladies were simple yet amazing.
Some of the ideas:
* Making cookies for our neighbors with a note of encouragement.
* A smile.
* An embrace.
* Calling, texting or sending a letter to someone with encouragement (I received a letter in the mail from a dear friend I haven't seen in 5 years and O how it blessed my heart...thank you Ellen).
* Making dinner for someone.
* Letting someone have a better parking place.

The challenge is so that we come together next week, sharing, not bragging, but BRAGGING on God what He was able to do through us for someone else. The more we do this, the more it becomes like the air we breathe...we won't even have to 'think' about it, it will just happen, we will be conduits of God's beautiful royalty instead of our former peasantry.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another Story of A Penny...

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

If you have not read the original post titled, "A Glimpse of God's Master plan through a Penny", then please click here. To understand the significance of this story, you'll want to read that story first :)

Paused with awe.
"What? Another story involving a penny?"

I am overwhelmed by the resounding testimonies that have been relayed back to me either by phone, email, text message or in person.

"Teresa, I got a 'God Kiss' today as I found a penny."
"Teresa, I was at work and on the floor in the bakery department there was a shiny penny."
"Look! I found a penny in my jacket pocket."
"Teresa, I thought of your mom today. I received a God Kiss as I found a penny."
"I'll never look at a penny the same way again! ;)"

Sharing some of the text messages and comments from my last post, I am delighted to share with you today's 'God Kiss' (as my mom would say), comes from a dear friend of mine. I wrote it according to how I remember the story was told.

Paula text me with a message, "Do you want to go with me to the new house?" In which I replied, "Sure".

About an hour later she came by to pick me up, I got into her car and as we were putting our seat belts on she said, "I have a great story to tell you. Look what I found!" As I looked down at her opened hand, there was none other than a battered, ugly, scraped, 'been through the mill' and back penny. She placed it in my hand and began to tell me the unfolding story of God's reminders of His Masterpiece.

She proceeded with her story by saying, "Teresa, I went to Whataburger today. I experienced such wonderful customer service from a young man who had special needs."

As she told me the story of his eagerness to help, she remembered how she stood there in that moment, humbled by his willingness to serve. She was taken back by his uninhibited, ambitious ways to go above and beyond, as she had eight large orders of juicy hamburgers, with a side of fresh hot french fries along with eight large drinks. Placing her order, he made sure each individual lid was pressed inward according to the soda that was in the cup.

Paula was walking out to her car when he practically ran her over with excitement to want to open the door for her and then help get the food and drinks into her car. He flung the door wide open and smiled with pride as he was showing her, "This is what a gentleman does for a lady."

Impressed by his eagerness to help she couldn't hold back her appreciation of what he had done. As they began to place the food and drinks in the car, they visited some more as he candidly talked about how he had been hit by a car a few years ago and with an adorable cheesy grin he proclaimed, "But I'm still here."

She laughed with joy at his sweet innocence and said, "Well", and then realized she didn't know his name, but then noticed his nametag which read, "Garrett". She proceeded, "Well Garret, God obviously has a plan for you. Do you know that?" His shoulders squared back, his face lifted up as the light from the sun shone round about him and said with a big smile, "Yes I know. I go to a Southern Baptist Church and I go to get to know the pastor more." She giggled at his response and said, "Well Garrett, you truly are a blessing and I want you to know that Jesus loves you." He said, "Yes ma'am. He loves me. What church do you go to?" When she told him, his eyes opened wide, along with his smile as he happily said, "I know where that is."

In that moment as he continued to speak, in Paula's peripheral vision she noticed something shiny on the road. As she looked again, she asked herself, "Is that what I think it is? Is that a penny?" As she saw it, he was still talking and yet she could hear my mom's words, "Scoop down low to pick up."

Meanwhile as she told him that she needed to get going, he excitedly said, "Ok. Have a great day ma'am." In which she responded, "Garrett, God bless you as you have a great day."

The young man walked inside and as he did, she walked over to the shiny, round object. Sure enough! It was a penny.

She found the penny with the back side up and when she flipped it over, this is what she found...

A penny scratched up, beat up, most likely ran over many times as I could see the silver coming forth from underneath the copper overlay. Yet in one moment, while the penny was still in my hand, after listening to Paula's story, my perspective changed on how I looked at the penny. I saw it be transformed from an ugly, scratched and battered penny to a beautiful, stunning reminder of what others see as awkward or unattractive, He calls skillful and beautiful.

While Paula was reminded to scoop down low to pick up the penny she sensed God's reminder...what seems beat up, left for dead and worthless is yet again My opportunity to transform into My masterpiece of beauty.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Glimpse of God's Master Plan Through a Penny

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

"For we are God's masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so that we can do the good things He planned for us long ago."
~ Ephesians 2:10, New Living Translation ~

My beautiful mom who is from South Korea is a proverbial woman to say the least. In her Korean accent I have heard her say many times, "You never think you too good to pick up penny. To pick up penny, you must scoop down low to pick up. Not many see value ~ but you must. For it is like what God did when no one else saw value in us, He scoop down low in form of man who is Jesus and pick us up."

Understanding the significance of what I share next gives me great joy. For my mom, who, as she would say, enjoys her 'bling-bling', had a teachable moment one day a few years ago when she spotted a penny in the parking lot. In a moment, as she was about to bend down to pick it up, she was hesitant to do so, as she had a quick thought, "What might others think?" But that thought immediately left her when she was reminded, "You think you arrive?" And her answer being, "No", she came back to herself and with excitement picked up the penny and said, "O, this is 'God kiss' to me." From that time on, after she picks up a penny, she says a prayer for dad and herself and us, her daughters.

I have known the story as she told me quite often of what the penny meant to her. So last week, I received a phone call as my mom was so happy. In her accent she exuberantly said, "Treesa (this is how she says my name), I got God kiss. We come back from out of town and see shiny, new penny on door mat. I saw it, but didn't think. Dad saw it and he walked over it and then I remember, penny! So, I thought Mary Kay, your sister left on porch. I call her and ask and she said, "No Mom. It's from Jesus." "O Treesa, penny from Jesus! There was no penny when we left and now penny here. It's from Jesus. O thank You Jesus."

Of course, my mom is adorable and I was happy for her, but yet the significance of her experience trumped my lack of understanding in her excitement as she shared her story with me.

Now let me take you to another part of my day yesterday. So, I went to a friend's house who was suffering from a migraine. She had text me in the morning to pray for her and she was going to rest where it was dark. I text her back and told her I would pray. As I began to pray, nothing specific was being declared over her.

Immediately I asked, "God, what is going on?" In that moment I felt impressed to go to her house and pray over her. After taking my daughter to school, I went to her house just two blocks away. I was parked in her driveway and text her the following message, "I am at your house, if you are up, I would like to pray over you." Within seconds, as I approached the door, she opened the door and let me in. I asked the Lord to anoint my hands with Who He is as He is Healer and said, "Lord, I know it is not my hands or my prayer but YOU who heals." I knew healing was taking place over her body after I was led to massage her upper shoulders and her head. I then asked, "Is the headache gone?" And she said with a smile and a sigh of relief, "I can barely feel that I ever had a headache." So after this beautiful moment, we fellowshipped for a while longer and then she said to me, "Teresa, after reading part of your book, I was reminded of another book and was led to this particular page, I made a copy of it for you. She read it to me and then gave me the piece of paper and the title of the message was, "My Princess...You are my Masterpiece."

After leaving her home, I had the opportunity to visit with another friend to help pick out a paint color before they moved in. On my way to her house, I had an imprint of a beautiful lady's face pressed into my thoughts.who I knew (Whenever that happens, I know I am suppose to pray). I believed in that moment I needed to call her and so I did. She did not answer which allowed me to leave her a voicemail message.

Fast forwarding to the end of the night, I was taking our garbage can out to the front. Now very rarely do I ever go through the front entrance, so as I was bringing the garbage out, my eyes were drawn to look to the ground and BAM, there was none other than a PENNY!

I was like a little girl, here I was outside in front of my house, jumping up and down in my pajamas. I proclaimed with excitement, thinking of my mom and shouted, "A God kiss!" With silly excitement, I picked up the penny, and then quickly put it back down so I could take a photograph of it. I ran inside the house, grabbed my camera device, running back outside, hunched over the penny as the porch light was overhead. Even before this point, I didn't care what I looked like. I was capturing a very significant moment. BUT, the story doesn't stop there!

Are you ready for more?  Now leading to this morning. Every morning, one of my dear girls, a young woman sends out a voice memo reading a daily devotional, Jesus Calling written by Sarah Young. Before reading the devotional she said how she heard, "Masterpiece" and received confirmation from the radio and then the devotional she was about to read and was led to Ephesians 2. As I am listening to her voice memo, I was incredibly moved and thought, "Wow! This is amazing." Especially with the piece of paper that was handed over to me yesterday from my friend while at her house.

To this very moment as I was catching up on some emails, suddenly my phone rang. It was the woman whose face was imprinted into my thoughts the day before; remember? She is the one I left a voicemail for. She said, "Teresa, you couldn't have called me at a better time." She proceeded to tell me how she was having a difficult time with getting things in place like she needed to. She said, "I need something. I just don't know what it is."

Suddenly, and yet again, imprinted in my thought was the penny. I thought, "Really, Lord? You want me to tell her that silly story?" And then continued to say, "Can I tell you a story?" As I told her the story of the significance of the penny and what my mom has taught me about God scooping down low to pick us up and then sharing what happened last night as I found a penny on my front porch, she said, "This is freaking me out! I have to tell you what happened yesterday."

She began to cry as she said:
"I was driving around as I was collecting my thoughts. Yesterday was the third anniversary of my best friend's death from suicide. We went over to his house where he use to live as we were going to clean it out when I realized my mother-in-law had already completed the task. Before leaving the house, I went into the garage where he had been found and when I looked down, there was a penny. With tears she said, "I felt like it was a sign from him."

In that moment as I heard her tell this story,
I said, "May I ask you a question?"
She said, "Sure".
I asked, "Out of all the stories I could have told you, God led me to tell you this one. Do you know Jesus Christ as your Personal, Rescuing Savior?"
And she said, "I know I need to go back to church."
And I said, "I want you to know that it isn't about 'going to church'. It is about having a relationship with God through Jesus Who is the only One who has the power over death and resurrected from the grave."

Are you ready??????  Haahaa!!!! Praise God! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I can't contain myself...for within moments, God received the increase as she received her Rescuing Savior Jesus Christ as we were able to pray with one another. I am still in awe that I got to be a part of His Master plan in her life, as she is His masterpiece.

As we closed our conversation over the phone, I asked the Lord,"Will you please give me something she can hold onto?" Then, I remembered 'masterpiece' and said, "I have something for you from Ephesians 2:10." I was then led to speak it over her to make it personal just for her, "(Her name), you are God's masterpiece. He has created you new in Christ Jesus, so that you can do the good things He planned for you long ago."

In closing, I am reminded of what my mom said today, by the power of the Holy Spirit,
"We are a masterpiece and have a master plan from the One who scooped down low to pick us up."

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lesson of Repentance

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

"Or do you despise the riches of His goodness, forbearance, and longsuffering, not knowing that the goodness of God leads you to repentance?"
~ Romans 2:4 ~

Slipping back into time, it was 1988; my eighth grade year. My parents experienced grueling frustration as they were continuously receiving reports from my teachers of me carrying on in class, not taking my classes seriously and consistently getting into trouble for being one of the 'class clowns'.

In hind sight, as a parent myself, the acting out wasn't their greatest frustration; it was my overall attitude of not caring, which to say the least, my grades mercilessly reflected.

Meanwhile, during this time, I still remember my wonderful dad. I shake my head in awe as my dad continuously believed in me. He would even say in the darkest times of my life, "Teresa, God has a great plan for you." I can still remember being in the awkward 'skin' of a young teenage girl; it was one of those situations where I sadly could not receive his words because of the inner turmoil stirred by insecurity and unworthiness stemmed from not knowing the value from within. The concerns of what the outsiders thought was more important to me than the ones who loved me the most.

Reminiscing this particular moment my eighth grade year is in regards to my dad (Including my mom and sisters) who never gave up. Although there were times he was justifiably on the brink of seeing no hope in sight, I can still remember that moment in eighth grade as though it were this very moment.

I remember it like this:
Dad set his schedule aside and asked me to come down to the light and airy family room. He brought two chairs and placed them in the middle of the 'love-filled' room adjacent to the red brick fireplace. He had me take my seat as he walked away for a moment into another room. When dad came back, he was holding a medium sized cardboard box with certificate frames inside. He had my full attention as I wondered, "What is he doing?"

Curiosity detained me in the midst of my dad's quiet demeanor. He sat down and now we were practically knee to knee. He looked at me with his soft hazel eyes, framed by his glasses and began to speak life into me. I remember how he began to one by one, show and tell me of his accomplishments backed up by the certificates in his possession. One of his accomplishments that I still remember so vividly was the one in which he graduated number one in his class for morse code in the ARMY. For a moment I was captivated by this untapped perseverance, integrity and tenacity that I had not yet chosen to experience for myself. Looking back, I am still in awe of my dad who chose to possess these attributes even after the setbacks of his own choices being a high school drop out. Dad revealed in his story as he patiently spoke to me how in one moment I could make a choice to turn it all around for good. He was showing me the power of repentance.

This reminder of this teaching moment from my dad with me, reveals a glimpse of how the goodness of God leads man to repentance. It was the goodness of my dad and his love expressed over me that enabled me to finally receive the message of God's rescuing power from sin and myself by turning away from my old ways and clinging to the new ways that God abundantly provided, revealing life and prosperity in my spirit from Jesus Christ.

Perhaps there are those of you who may know part of my story as it took more than a decade to finally get to the point that I truly knew in my heart I needed to be rescued from one of my greatest enemies ~ myself. This incredible beginning took place on March 6, 2003. Actually, let me back up, interestingly enough, it was five months before my incredible beginning that my dad and mom flew to Michigan to come see us and gift me with a ring that he designed just for me in October of 2002 (He also did this for my sisters who were already following after Jesus).

I remember when I put it on my finger my dad said, "Whenever you look at this ring, say a prayer for your mom and I." I remember thinking, "Yeah right...they know I don't pray." Well, I truly believe that the ring I still wear 'til this day was truly a 'point of contact' from my parents prayers of hope in God over my life to be redeemed and restored back to Him. The moment from my eighth grade year was a defining reminder of discovering the power of repentance; allowing God's Holy Spirit to rule and reign over my life.

I am reminded that my dad took on a glimpse of the perseverance, integrity and tenacity of Jesus Christ which was victoriously revealed at the Cross of Calvary. Death, hell and the grave shook in fear as they surrendered all power to Jesus as God raised Him from the dead!

The reminder set before me is realizing yet again God's glorious power as He sent His Word Jesus to become a mere man to pay the debt of sin as He 'suffered long' even while we are known to be 'quick to quit'.

We must remember when we find ourselves being faithless, let faith rise up as we remember that He is still faithful even when we aren't (II Timothy 2:13).

Monday, January 16, 2012

God Is Mercy, Grace and Unfailing Love...and so much more!

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

Before leaving for church, I was in a hurry, as one of my downfalls is being late.

My beautiful daughter was sitting on the chair, playing with her itouch, glassy-eyed and completely enveloped by a video she had just made of our cat, when I said, "Honey, we need to go."

Usually she is quick to listen when we need to go, yet this time, there was no response.

So I said it again with a bit more of a demonstrative tone.

Still nothing...
Now annoyed, I raised my voice volume a bit higher, revealing my frustration and said it again.

When she looked up at me, her eyebrows scrunched low, as they told on her annoyance with me as she simultaneously raised her voice with frustration and said, "WHAT?"

In that moment, it was, "O God, hold me back" as all cylinders were on and the very thing I was angry about, was the very thing I did right back raised to the one hundredth degree (It was an ugly sight on my part, to say the least).

The laws of cause and effect were so evident in that very moment, forgetting about the obedience of God in nurturing her even in that very moment. Now, I have been dealing with an attitude from her ever so often, and my attitude back is beyond ridiculous. Yet, to the degree of her overemphasized, disrespectful, "WHAT?" I had not yet experienced this from her before to this degree and to say the least, I was beyond ticked off.

As she was pale from my outburst, she hesitantly walked to the car as I followed behind her, slamming the door so hard it shook the foundations of our home. I was still fuming and yes, out of all places, on my way to church. Yet in that very moment in the midst of the angry quietness, still emitting angry, smoking fumes; breathing as though I was about to give birth, I experienced the peace of the Holy Spirit so calmly say, "Teresa, be an example of what you expect from her just as I Am an example for you."

O man....Ugh!!!!! I swallowed the big gulp of pride that was right in the middle of my throat, breathing in and breathing out slowly. I could feel the nudge of the Holy Spirit and so with embarrassment, I apologized to my daughter, and asked her to forgive me. She began to cry and expressed her apologies as she also asked me to forgive her which allowed the atmosphere to change instantly from an atmosphere of war to an atmosphere of God's peace. We of course began our dialogue as this will happen again, yet showing her how it was wrong for both of us to act the way we did, as it shows disrespect on both parts.

Learning from this scenario, especially as a parent, we walk into church and the Lord moved on our pastors heart to change the teaching from what he was originally planning to teach, to teach us simply of Who our God Is, revealed by Jesus through His Holy Spirit!

Refreshingly, as this was the very medicine for my soul that I desperately needed ~ one of the many scriptures Pastor Chris shared, waved for my attention like a flag flying in the rapid wind. It was none other than, Psalm 103:8 ~ "The Lord is merciful and gracious; He is slow to get angry and full of unfailing love."

The very whisper I heard in my car during the moment of 'battle', "Teresa...be an example of what you expect from her just as I Am an example for you" melted my heart as I heard the confirmation of Who He is and What He so lavishly displays upon us and what He is able to do through us by the power of His Holy Spirit.

I am reminded in what I have received for the taking so freely ~ His Mercy and Grace which reveals His unfailing love as they are tools to allow even our God to be slow to anger. This revelation shows me how it is imperative that I pay forward upon others what I have graciously received, revealing yet again, WHO HE IS!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sharing video!

The following video is a beautiful reminder of Why I Hate Religion, BUT LOVE JESUS!
"Jesus is the cure while the other is the infection"
~ Paraphrased quote from the following video ~

Please note: If you are watching from my blog site, go to the bottom of the page and 'pause' the music so that you can hear the video.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Breaking Loose the Valiant Sounds of A Victorious Warrior!

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

"The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning, great is His faithfulness."
~ Lamentations 3:22-23 ~

The sounds of his neighing and the strength revealed by the deep resounding breaths assists his agility to run with power. Muscles defined as they bow out with every stride. This horse an incredible creation runs with spurts of great speed running against the wind as he makes the valiant sounds of a warrior.

Seeing this vision played out in my mind as I write, causes me to be inspired by God's creation as we are seven days into the new year. As we have stepped foot into this new year, let us intentionally see the beautiful definition of God's resounding mercies that are NEW every day. We don't have to wait 365 more days to make another resolution to better our lives. If we run with spurts of great speed and then rest, then let's go at it again.

May the wind of defeat that attempts to come against us break loose the valiant sounds of victorious warriors. Let the sounds that come forth be the declarations of who we belong to ~ our Majestic God and King!

When defeat comes, speak Victory to it and run toward it with confidence knowing Who has allowed us to be Triumphantly Victorious! Circumstances may not change right away, but our attitudes will and gratefulness to our God becomes the sharpening weapon of praise, revealing the readied warriors in 2012!

LET'S GO!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Deliverance from defeat and into victory

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

"For you are my hiding place; you protect me from trouble. You surround me with songs of victory (with songs of deliverance)."
~ King David, recorded in Psalm 32:7 (NKJV and NLT)

The dark sky, dimly lit by the beautiful stars, accompanied me as I made my way home from the airport this morning. Praying and communing with God in the quietness of my car came forth these words like a 'ticker', "Deliverance from and deliverance into victory; I Am your Deliverer."

The beauty in these words as we enter into our second day in 2012; may we be moved by the Faithful, Victorious Deliverer.

He sings songs of deliverance, of victory over us...
There are those who are longing to be delivered from a dangerous situation revealing deliverance and victory into safety.
Perhaps you are desiring to be delivered from affliction revealing deliverance and victorious comfort.
It may be you need to be delivered from shame and delivered into a victorious place of honor.

Whatever you need from our Faithful Deliverer, may you see that no longer do circumstances determine your destiny; but your circumstances be reminded of Who you trust...Your Victorious Deliverer Who is Faithful and True.

May our circumstances be reminded of Whom we are moved by...and that is the One Who victoriously delivers us from destruction, having faith that He will bring us through and into His life changing LOVE!

Scripture References:
Psalm 32:7
Deuteronomy 32:4
Isaiah 51