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Triumphant Victorious Reminders | August 27, 2021 | Hold Loosely While Clinging Tightly

It's been April, 2019 since my last entry. To say, "Much has happened since then" is definitely an understatement. As many of you may know in 2017, I started a YouTube channel called, Let's Talk with Teresa Ann and began a perspective shifting segment via Instagram LIVE on Monday's titled, Heavenly Wit Monday , based on the book I released in March, 2020 titled Heavenly Wit: Seeing Mission Fields in the Midst of Battlefields . It's definitely been a journey to learn how to see with God's Divine insight. To see the mission fields in the midst of the battlefields.  Meanwhile, learning from the effortless flow of water, how to be flexible to simply lean in to hear the voice of God through the Holy Spirit's help with properly reading God's Word and praying. Continuing to learn that prayer is simply yet profoundly agreeing with Him. It's not about Him agreeing with me.  To know that this life is about  holding onto Him so tightly so we can hold e