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Did you know?

Triumphant Victorious Reminders Inspired by the Holy Spirit Written by: Teresa Criswell So much has happened over the last 13 years of my life since I FINALLY said, "Yes to Jesus!" All those moments being drawn to go deeper into the roots of GOD and HIS righteousness and wanting to know this GOD who in HIS love and redemption extended HIS mighty hand and said, "Let's do may not believe in ME, like you want, and you may not believe in yourself, but I believe in you for I see what's about to bloom and the fragrance of MYSELF you will leave behind..." That alone is a "doubt destroying" thought into a "faith exposing" life in wanting GOD more and more as HE beckons us to draw closer to WHO HE IS. Did you know there was a time I was so far away that I truly thought life didn't matter? Did you know that the very words you read were never even a thought in those moments of waywardness? Did you know I was so deceive