Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I want to be...

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Stevens Criswell

"What does the Lord require?  To love mercy, to do justly and to walk humbly before our God."
~ Micah 6:8 ~

I want to be a "better" person...be a "better" wife...be a "better" mom...Be a "better" this or that.

Yet, what's the key? 
Read more books?
Do more?
Or perhaps if I jump twice, turn around on one leg, hop on one foot and do it over again?  No, of course not... although there are good resources in teachings, conferences, meetings, and so forth - the key is SIMPLE YET PROFOUND - I just get to be in Him and be aware that He is in me. As mentioned in time past - this knowing is a mystery of awe and wonder. 

But how do I get to this place? By drawing near to God - getting intimate with Him and I will learn what He loves and then learn from the Holy Spirit, the Holy Refreshing Wind to love what He loves.

Does this mean I have to hide myself in my prayer closet for hours on end?  No...now sometimes there are moments where God will have us set aside time, but most of the time it's in our every moment "moments".  It's simply put in Micah 6:8, "...To love mercy, to do justly and walk humbly before our God." In this beautiful principle, whatever role I'm operating in - this lifestyle of abundant living will manifest! The key is to remember this: to love Mercy is to love the God Who IS Mercy.  To Do Justly is to be in Him Who is Justice and in those things you can't help but walk humbly before this extraordinary, incredibly powerful GOD!

So I ask myself, before approaching my husband, son, daughter or others, how does God deal with me when I've messed up? Does he yell, "I told you so you idiot! Quit your crying! Why do I even deal with you?!"  ABSOLUTELY NOT! Instead, our Gracious, loving God lifts my head and gently corrects me with showing me how to do it better the next opportunity that arises.  His correction includes beautiful teaching.  For instance, "Teresa, did you learn from this?  Good.  Now let Me arise in you so all that can come forth is praises of Who I Am."  

Something I have learned in the praise is it's not about praising Him because God needs it...it's as though I can hear His voice, "Teresa, you praise Me because I Am Worthy.  Daughter, you praise Me as this is My Divine Strategy to rescue you out of the pit of condemnation and despair.  I Am complete, I lack nothing, for I Am Abundant Life.  I Am Overflow.  I Am More Than Enough.  You have made progress my daughter in Me.  Now listen daughter, this is vital, you are not to measure progress by how another one of my children are living - progress in Me is not meant to be measured - instead progress is meant to be aware of My grace that empowers you to reveal Me more and more until evidence of you disappears and all that remains is evidence of Me.  Teresa, I long to be revealed through you as the "I Am" to the hurt, the ones who are in misery and overwhelmed by anxiety.  I Am to be revealed through you - just abandon yourself to Me and let me operate through you - it will be effortless if you give in.  NO longer attempt to pay penance for something you can never pay off...I paid your debt in full - now receive the pardon and "PARDON ME" AS I OPERATE THROUGH YOU."

Triumphant Victorious Reminders of the greatness of God leads us to a lifestyle of no longer turning back on Him - but forever following Him.  As the song says, "The Cross before me, the world behind me...no turning back, no turning back."  Whenever I hear that song I think of our brothers and sisters throughout the uttermost parts of the world who are being led to be slaughtered and this is the theme of their beating hearts..."I have decided to follow Jesus...No turning back...no turning back..." I weep as it must be because of the reminders that beat within their heart, echoing within their ears, pulsating through their veins of God's crazy, radical love that nothing, absolutely nothing could duplicate this kind of divine, endless love - absolutely nothing - not even the temptation to deny Him to live a little while longer...

Monday, February 23, 2015

Creation waits eagerly...for what?

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Stevens Criswell

"For the anxious longing of creation waits eagerly for the revealing of the sons of God."
~ Romans 8:19 ~

Have you felt the sting of rejection? How about offense? What IF we looked at these two things never the same? Would that be nice or what?

 Of course it may sound like "delusion" is talking here, but from the depths of TRUTH, although "rejection" is a word to describe someone not wanting to be with someone or around them; I now look at it as just that...a word to describe.  Yet there is so much more.

For instance as a few years back, the Holy Spirit reminded me with a question, "Have you been focusing on WHO has accepted you or on the ones who rejected you?" The same goes with the sad ugliness of abandonment, yet shifting focus and celebrating WHO adopted us.  Easier said than lived out?  Yes - but only on the conditions of not relying on the Holy Spirit of God WHO lives within me.

Just that mystery alone of GOD's SPIRIT living within us when accepting HIM WHO IS SALVATION, BLOWS ME AWAY - the God of heaven and earth has chosen to reside in me - what the heck???? Ha -  this alone causes joy to stir from within!

The theme being resounded from heaven is God's UNSTOPPABLE LOVE. From our pastor emphatically teaching this to other messages being echoed in the earth for such a time as this! There are many unfolding revelations just in Romans 8:19 alone - but wait until you hear this revelation that has wrecked me for Kingdom good:

"...And I live my life knowing that every day is another chance to manifest God and ALL creation is groaning for you to do the same...When I'm at the airport and someone freaks out on me, "Get out of my face"..."O dude you're groaning."

I see it that way. 

Others see it as rejection - I don't see it as rejection, I believe rejection is demonic. 

I believe the only one that is rejected is the devil...period. I believe he's cut off, he's a withering branch, there is no hope in him, and he wants to reproduce his mindset in me and make me think that I'm rejected.  If I realize that I've been ACCEPTED in the Beloved and God's the ONE that gave me my acceptance there's absolutely no one on the planet that can take away what they never gave me.  I cannot be rejected...I love you and LOVE (Who is God) never fails.  But I don't love you for you to love me back because that fails. If I love you for you to love me back that means I only love you for what I can get from you, from the praise I might get from you, from the thanks I might get from you and Jesus doesn't love us like this.  God doesn't say, "I love you - NOW SAY IT!!!!" But we grow up that way, we're trained that way, boyfriends/girlfriends, we're taught our whole life - it's selfish.  It's demonic strategy to get us messed up in the area of love.  God so loved the world He gave.  Why do Christians love?  Because He gave..." - Todd White

The Triumphant Victorious Reminder is to remember moment by moment, our daily motive must be from the unfailing perspective of "God so loved the world He gave" and so must we. 

Here's the full teaching via YouTube:

Friday, February 20, 2015

Be possessed...

Triumphant Victorious  Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

"But you are not controlled by your sinful nature. You are controlled by the Spirit if you have the Spirit of God living in you."
~ Romans 8:9 ~

To speak to a lovely lady this evening and hear the gratefulness to God that she is alive another day leads me to echo her grateful attitude...So today I rejoice in the "testimony of God" that I'm alive!

Yet wait! This grateful declaration leads me to ask myself, "But I'm alive to do what? To do what I want? What I will? What I've boastfully planned?!"

After speaking to this woman I had to ask myself the daunting question, "Do I really get it?"

Which led me to ask, "Has the monotony of everyday living in this incredible country gotten me so lukewarm that I actually think this life is about the "checklist" I've created for today? And even gone as far as deceiving myself into thinking if it doesn't go "my way" I'm being "attacked by the enemy"?!?!

Or when I 'slap' the slogan on my mediocre plans by saying, "Thank you God - You bless it and protect it."


I'm in a place of wanting to shake myself by yelling, "Come on Teresa!!! Your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ from around the world are being beheaded and horrifically tortured and killed and all you can be concerned with is your measly "checklist" and the childish offenses that have no weight in comparison to eternity?!?! Teresa!! Your complaints of what must get done and who you've struggled with - while others only wish they had "my kind of struggles" - what's going on here?"

I'm seeing the core issue - it's coming to a place where I have to ask myself, "Why am I not allowing the Holy Spirit to possess me to leave no trace of me?"

Of course I have heard of demonic possessions in which people are no longer recognized while possessed by a spirit or spirits - so where in "my world" have I allowed hindrances to not surrender and be possessed by the Holy Spirit of Almighty God? Why is this kind of Holy  possession not taking place? It's not the Lord withholding from me. Why is He not allowed in my life in every realm? Would I be able to take a stand for my Jesus? Am I even able to do it now in smaller ways? Is my life revealing Him? Is it causing a shift and change so rambunctiously miraculous that the God of heaven and earth can't help but be revealed?!! When will I no longer hold back and experience a place where the onlookers curse out of amazement and knees are bowing to a Holy God as He has every person written, carved and tattooed  on His heart of eternal, vast, endless love?

I must start now for the cause of Christ and for those who would rather deny themselves the right to live than ever deny Christ in word or deed.

I'm thankful to be alive. I'm thankful to be equipped in the small tests while the enemy is ramping up his evil hate over those who are so possessed by the Holy Spirit that the only evidence of them is their mortal bodies.

Changing perspective - how? To truly see selfish agendas as just that and setting my sights on the beautiful face of Almighty God to which selfishness can no longer exist because the very EXISTENCE of God  annihilates, consumes, pulverizes and obliterates to nothingness!

With all that said, I'm triumphantly and victoriously reminded to be possessed...to be possessed by The One Who knows my name and empowers me with His grace to reveal Him!

Monday, February 16, 2015

In the midst of my past...

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

I have a testimony - a testimony of God in the midst of me. After reading please focus on what He did - I only make mention of the struggle so you can see the LOVING REDEEMER in the midst of it all - focusing on The One Who is at constant work within me...So yesterday (Sunday) I allowed the lies of the enemy to accept "depression" and didn't go to assemble myself or my daughter with believers at our local body called REACH. I was so upset because I had NO reason to be depressed - NONE. Yet in the midst of it a beautiful lady who had text me that morning knew what I was going through and was praying with and for me.

Well then this morning a prayer request came through my phone via text which caused me to run to Truth. As I brought the request to God - it led me even closer to the One Who is TRUTH as I "heard" while The Holy Spirit wrote through me,

"Teresa, you must continue to pray, "It is written prayers" - just as My Son Jesus fought Satan in the wilderness - so you must. Your own prayers of logic and fear do not move heaven and earth - but My Truth SATURATED in PERFECT LOVE does!! Pray in the spirit and this brings you to realize and know My Spirit is within and surrounding you - praying in the Holy Spirit causes Me - The Breakthrough God - to intervene on behalf of you and others for ME to be revealed! This is how you break free from unknowingly being in agreement with the lies."

I thought, "In agreement with lies????" I don't agree with lies. And then I "heard", "When you don't take the thoughts of the enemy captive and bring them to the obedience of Jesus Christ - you have automatically agreed with deception of the  demonic." And then The Holy Spirit led me to His Truth in I Corinthians 1:20, "For all of God’s promises have been fulfilled in Christ with a resounding “Yes!” And through Christ, our “Amen” (which means “Yes”) ascends to God for his glory." So when I forsake God's promises because I believe my past of failure is more powerful than God Who is Redeemer - then I say, "Amen" to Satan! As I realized this I yelled, "Oh no! No more! This will not happen!!!" I sit here as tears flow from within as I love our beautiful God as I'm overwhelmed by All He is and what He has freed me from!!!!

So today I was reminded of something else, I learned - when lies say "this" - then I MUST DECLARE God's Truth of Who He is in my life.

So even more now when I begin to hear the lie it is CRUCIAL that I speak Truth - and Jesus must intentionally be echoed out of my every being as this causes the weapon of JOY to penetrate and obliterate the lies so now I have no fear of the past to come into my future because of Truth Who is Jesus - THE ONE WHO rescued me. Truth caused me to rejoice with laughter in the face of and in the midst of fear.

Lastly, God utilized Todd White to speak truth into my spirit this morning as I heard this, "Did you know NOTHING can separate us from the love of God?? NOTHING (Romans 8) but there is ONE thing that can and it's the only thing that can kill our destiny -  it's this: It's believing that my PAST can separate me from His LOVE!!!! Here is the scripture, "And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow—not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love. No power in the sky above or in the earth below—indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord." Notice "neither our fears of TODAY (Present) nor our worries about TOMORROW (Future)" but it makes no mention of our YESTERDAY (past)! Will I believe My Redeemer of my past has forgiven me of the past? I say, "Yes" and must do so every day as I fall in love with The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit even more!!!

The Triumphant Victorious Reminder - for when I say, "I'm just human, I make mistakes", in this I've unknowingly aligned myself with the demonic lies - because my humanness will pass away - but I am possessed by the Holy Spirit Who is perfect REVEALING THE WORD WHO WILL NEVER PASS AWAY! So now when I make mistakes I can now say, "Lord! Thank you for your goodness which works this humanness out of Me so You are revealed more and more through me."

Friday, February 13, 2015

Do what?!?!

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

"...For I have come down to heaven to do the will of God Who sent Me, not to do what I want. And this is the Will of God, that I should not lose even one of all those He has given to Me, but that I should raise them to eternal life at the last day. For IT IS my Father's will that all who see His Son AND believe in Him should have eternal life - that I should raise them at the last day..."
~ John 6 ~

"Kids! Can anyone tell me why Jesus died?" Hands lifted high, while arms flailed in the air; some winced in excitement as they declared with confidence, "Oh, oh I know! I know! He died for our sins!" In response to their answers, the teacher proudly said with a smile accompanied with a few cheering claps, "Wow! Great job!"

But wait!!! I interrupt this scenario as I think of what Landon Schott has coined, "We don't just read the Bible, we must READ THE BIBLE." With that prefaced, the mentality that says Jesus came to die for our sins only sets us up for the deception of "entitlement" instead of the joyful, abundant life responsibility of KINGDOM ROYALTY!

This stretched me beyond belief when I really read the Word - even while reading it today - a "glory to glory" moment which led to hear the question from the Holy Spirit,
"What is The PRIMARY reason Jesus came?"

Ready for this?
According to the Word of God, Jesus came to do the will of the Father Who sent Him...Simple yet profound!

This profoundly simple revelation caused me to shake my head in awareness yet again of God's truth. Can you imagine if we go on just believing that He came to die for our sins - this mentality only causes lukewarm, mundane living. Jesus came to do the Father's will! So when our desires wants to do something else, even if we feel we are 'right' - the will of God overrides that 'right' with His promise. The mentality of any other kind besides truth causes us to miss out on Jesus' greatest example - HE CAME TO DO THE WILL OF THE FATHER so that He would not even lose one that God gave Him!

Wow! Jesus - The Messenger as the Son of God, The Gift of God - revealed, showed and made an example of the Gospel of the Kingdom revealing many things - one of them being the gift of Salvation. However, Jesus was not sent as a messenger of the "Gospel of Salvation" - instead Jesus was and IS  the Revealer of  the Good News of God's Kingdom which reveals many things; Salvation being one of the plethora of many magnificent gifts from the Gift Giver!

And get this - as Jesus died - it wasn't to die FOR our sins - our sins were not what He came to die for - it was about what the Father wanted and that was for us to be reconciled back to Him - so that we would no longer be CRUSHED BY THE BURDEN OF SIN...

I am triumphantly and victoriously reminded today that Jesus came not on His own, but came because someone sent Him.
Who sent Him?
His Father...The Father God!
To obey by doing HIS WILL -
Which did what?
GOD'S WILL REMOVED the BURDEN of sin, reconciling us back to the Father - because God knew that condemning burden would crush us. In this victorious "crushing burden" REMOVAL of sin - Jesus' obedience revealed God's GOODNESS OVER US, leading us to TRUE repentance. This repentance causes us to desire to joyfully abandon our own will and desires allowing the great exchange to be in awe of walking in Who He is, for He is Freedom. This unique blessing allows us to rise above with Who He is and that is Empowering Grace that  no matter what others do around us - we allow God's will revealed by His Word to override our own selfish desires by surrendering with laughter - a weapon that destroys selfish desires as we can laugh because we trust Him - which allows us to walk in this incredible revelation as our lives demonstrate God's  grace causing others to want what we are "had by" - God's Holy Spirit! When we walk any other way we do as Paul stated, "We want to do what is right but we don't because our focus is on what we "can't" do versus what God has said we "can" do in Him!

What/Who is that FREEDOM?
GOD'S TRUTH IS A PERSON not an idea - the person is JESUS!
What's the value of believing in Jesus, Who Is Truth?
He sets and makes us free.
But what does Jesus Who is Truth free us from?

It's no longer saying, "I sin that's why I need a Savior" - instead it's the new perspective - heavenly, Kingdom of God perspective that allows us by God's grace to imitate Christ as He abandoned His own will and received the will of the Father...just this mind blowing realization alone causes us to not even be tempted by old desires or even make excuses as to "why we sin" - but now it causes me to excitedly accept His "excusing pardon" over us by living in Him Who is Victory!!

Victory Who is Jesus allows us to see and believe that He is without a doubt with us in the darkest of times to the most glorious as His yoke is easy and His burden is Light!!!

As a friend of ours said after reading this post - he said it well, "Wow that is deep!! And spot on.  He wants us to concentrate on His will so that we don't concentrate on the sin that takes us OUT of His will. I love it when He reveals against our conventional way of thinking!!!"

Scripture References:
John 6
John 6:38
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Friday, February 6, 2015


Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by The Holy Spirit 
Written by: Teresa Criswell

The post titled, "Relief...ha!" is from a post via my Wordpress blog titled, The Pee Diaries of a Laughing Mom: Her Laughter Is Stronger Than Her Bladder!

Enjoy the laughs as we are reminded of God's Triumphant Victory! https://thepeediariesofalaughingmom.wordpress.com