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Desires of your heart?

Triumphant Victorious Reminders Written by: Teresa Ann, Host of Let's Talk Studio When you hear the question, "What are the desires of your heart?" What say you? I admit that most of the time my desires have not been of eternal value. They were of monetary rhetoric; the kind which moth eat and rust destroys as recorded in the gospel of Matthew (Matthew 6:19-24). This whole blog entry began this morning due to a simple word search for REJOICE that set me on course to a DIVINE "rabbit trail". It was an adventurous path that simply wooed me to hunger for more of a desire to fellowship with GOD. The internet search led to me none other than a write up from the early 1900's from the church to it's congregants. It was a "newsletter" of sorts from May, 1921, titled, "The Latter Rain Evangel" and it was subtitled, "The Days of Heaven On The Earth". This newsletter written so long ago was speaking even past the far reachi