October 7, 2010, "Abundance revealed in the midst of lack"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

"And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches and glory by Christ Jesus."
~ Philippians 4:19 ~

"Why is this happening?" "Lord, we need the finances now, all we see is lack."

What if you were told after knowing you owed over$30,000 to a hospital that after reviewing everything, the balance due was $0.00.

If you asked me what I would do, I would say, "I would jump up and down, pray, pee my pants, shout..." But guess what, I sat in the chair as I heard the words proceed out of his mouth and couldn't do anything. My mind was saying with a shout, "Thank you Lord", yet it was as though I was non responsive. I desperately wanted to cry to show my gratitude, but nothing was coming out. All I could say was, "Sir, I want to make sure I heard you correctly, are you saying this is a possibility? Or are you saying that this is what it is?" He said, "This is what I am telling you, you owe $0.00, I am the head of this financial department, and you owe nothing because of the lack of finances that came in for the month of surgery, this has made you eligible for assistance. As a matter of fact, you will be receiving a letter from me in the next few days showing that you have been approved for assistance." He kept talking, but it was as though I heard, "Rururu, rururu, ruru, ruru"...you know like the teacher in Charlie Brown?

I am beyond touched, amazed and so deeply effected by God's outcome. After hearing, "You owe $0.00", I still feel somewhat numb throughout my whole chest area. It's one thing to hear a testimony of God like this, but to be on the receiving end? It is nothing short of amazing!

First and foremost, I thank my Heavenly Father, who has also been as a husband providing provision for our family when it seemed like we wouldn't make it financially; He proved Himself as Provider, yet again.

Then to all of you who have prayed on our behalf to the Lord God Almighty; especially the prayers of our parents my mom and dad and my mother in love and her whole church family...our family in Jesus Christ. We are beyond appreciative...more than anything, I am appreciative to my Savior, my Redeemer, my Jesus, and gratefully my Brother who makes intercession on our behalf to the Father God.

I am reminded as I look back; what we saw as 'lack', the power of God's abundance was revealed. I love the beautiful reminder in Philippians 4:19, that our needs are provided according to His riches and glory in Christ; not according to mans riches and own glory.

Father, You long to be trusted. You long for me to have confidence in You and only You! My understanding reveals lack all over the place; but when I trust You and acknowledge You, the love of who You are reveals Your abundance in ALL things; beyond my crazy, off the wall imagination; you blow that away for eternity! I thank You Lord for who You are! You are amazing God; and I declare your goodness, greatly humbled by Your majesty and beautiful splendor! Thank You Father for Your Holy Spirit who is with me and guides me into ALL truth, because of The Truth, Jesus Christ. I love You Lord, my soul Satisfier. You are greatly to be praised for eternity and I must declare with my life who You are, for You are the greatest! I love You Lord.
Love your daughter, Teresa

Scripture References:
Romans 8:26 & 27, 34
Hebrews 7:25
Philippians 4:19
Proverbs 3:5 & 6


  1. All I could say after you called, was "Praise the Lord from whom ALL our needs come from.......the Great Provider! His Greatness is shown to us when we completely trust in Him for providing for us. He is our Abba Father who loves us more than anyone on this earth. Thank you, Teresa, for sharing this testimony. It reinforces my lack of faith. Our Pastor told me once that our God is greater than our lack of faith. Thank goodness

  2. Teresa, I know this feeling. We had the same thing happen to us. God is so awesome! May the Lord bless you even more!

  3. Teresa, Your mother in love shared this link with us. Oh my, what a blessing I received from it. I am a close friend of Kennetha's and we have done a lot of praying for all of you over the years. It is so encouraging to see these prayers being answered. We pray that more blessing will come your way and they they will overflow and overtake you. Love you my sister in Christ.
    Becky McCulley

  4. Hi Teresa,

    Praise God...He provides! May He continue showering blessings upon your family.


  5. Hi Teresa! All I can say is WOW! PRAISE THE LORD JESUS for His Ways are Higher than our ways! "Stand back and see the SALVATION OF THE LORD!" Your Mom in love is a dear friend to me, I love her so! We have prayed for you and your family many times...may God continue to Bless you as you live for Him.
    Patty and Bill Patterson

  6. Wow, Wow and Wow!!!!! I have been praying that God would teach me how to live in His abundance and to deliver me from the "lack" mentality. His Spirit has been teaching me so much about this as I've prayed. Then,I came to check out your blog and the very first post is on what? Abundance and lack!!!! Interestingly, the exact words I've been using. If that's not the Spirit of God, I don't know what is.

    Thank you for sharing your testimony. We really do serve a God who calls himself, El-Shaddai (One who is inexhaustible in His supply) and Yahweh-Jireh(The One who WILL provide).

    May you experience more of His abundance every day.


  7. Wow. What a great testimony of God's faithfulness! Thanks for sharing! :)


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