Prayer for Iranian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani

Father God in the Name of Jesus, the One Who Was, Who Is and Who Is To Come, we pray your uncommon protection over Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani. Father God, I thank You that Your angels heed Your Word as they keep Pastor Youcef in ALL His WAYS! Father, we know that the prayers of the righteous avail much...we are not righteous on our own; BUT because of WHO YOU ARE!

Lord Jesus we pray as He is an Ambassador of Truth, that He shall not be touched...for we know the rights of any ambassador...their EVERYTHING is taken care of...if anyone touches an ambassador of this world, it is an international Father God, Pastor Youcef is much more than an ambassador of this world, he is an ambassador of Your in this Truth, we thank You Lord that He shall LIVE AND NOT DIE, declaring the Works of You Lord! Father, we thank You that as the eyes of the world watch...may YOU INTERVENE...a thousand may fall at Pastor Youcef's side and ten thousand at his right hand, but it shall not come near Him. Father, He knows Your Name and He will not deny You and as He has not denied You, You will not deny Him. Father, thank You for your peace that surpasses ALL UNDERSTANDING as his family begs, interceeds, pleads with You to set Him Free!

Father, we Love you and this is a brother in You, Lord! In this Truth, we thank You Lord that praises come forth out of His mouth confusing the enemies and the songs of Your deliverance be sung out and declared right there, right where he is...may there be men and women who are near him who with zeal believe they are doing the right thing, may their eyes become unveiled and see that they MUST SERVE JESUS CHRIST! Lord, encounter these people like you did with Paul as he was on his way to Damascus...God we pray a Supernatural, Heaven meets earth pardon over this man's life in Jesus Name!!!! We declare that You are God, forever and ever...As we complain about who wronged us, may we remember the ones like Pastor Youcef who are truly suffering for Your names sake! In Jesus Name. Amen!

Pastor Youcef's Sister in Christ,


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