The 3 D's...Discover, Develop and Disciple!

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

"The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon me, because the Lord has appointed me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to comfort the brokenhearted and to announce that captives will be released and prisoners will be freed. He has sent me to comfort the brokenhearted and to announce the captives will be released and prisoners will be freed."
~ Isaiah 61:1 ~

The sadness overwhelmed her. Yet, she arose out of her depression. The heavy dark cloud that consumed her for way too long; in a suddenly moment, disappeared.

The result was from the whisper she heard. The rescuing still small voice which beckoned her to come.
With hesitancy, yet with humbleness, she was brought to her knees.
In that moment, she heard the freeing words of victory:
"When you need encouragement...go and be an encouragement."
"When you want someone to smile at you...go and smile at someone."
"What you pour out; it shall, it will, for sure be reciprocated."

Our perspective is gained when we focus on the needs of others. I have found this to be truth. While the truth and the facts are different, the fact is that we can easily slip into depression, caught unaware and suddenly consumed is a reality. However, the truth is that the potential within us to praise God for Who He is, in the midst of our life is a weapon that we will not understand...yet, just know it works!

In this knowing, we realize by experience, it is not by our power or our might but by the Spirit of God that we can live a life of POTENT POWER to deliver us out of depression which causes us to see the potential; the POTENT POWER within ourselves and others to do the same and that is living in refreshment.

We know our focus - must be on God - we know this in our heads. But is it a revelation? Often times we know the 'right' answer, but have we experienced the 'right' answer?

What does focusing on God look like?
What has been your experience when you took your focus off yourself and placed it intentionally upon someone else?

These are questions to really ask ourselves.

When we see people as valuable, the bottom line will change.

I must confess, my passion in the 'someday' is to discover, develop and disciple people who manage companies to shift their management skills into managing people. The reason is because there is a discovery of great potential that takes place. The product does not move on its own, it is moved and consumed by people. In that discovery we find out the strengths within people are so great and can be utilized effectively in ways never imagined. Just imagine, we get to be a part of not only a success story, but a significant one!

For instance, you want to be profitable?
If you are a business man or woman, then, we can no longer see the 'product', the 'numbers' or the 'profit margins' as the bottom line. Instead, we must see people both within the company and the consumer as valuable and by default we will see the manifestation of those 'numbers' and 'profit margins' soar. When your people are soaring in their talents and gifts, everything else follows.

Do you know who the first person in my life to expose this truth was? My awesome, earthly Dad and the second is my 3D small group leader, Terry...and guess who they learned it from? JESUS CHRIST! He is the perfect example of leading people into discovering, developing and discipling others!

I have learned NOT to be threatened by someone's talents, but to constantly excavate that which is within them, because when they soar, so will I. Another lesson learned in life, is that when a manager leaves, and the place falls apart, this is not a compliment to the manager; it is sadly a sign that the manager has not empowered the people to lead.

We need to stop training people on the successes of others, but develop people in their own successes. We have done things the opposite of God's ways. For instance, God didn't provide a training manual for David based on what Moses did...He provided His significance upon David that was already in David, and as it was discovered, David developed into a man that has left a legacy based on his best in God...not Moses' best in God.

Finally, the summary of today's reminder is to focus on what God's focus was, is and will always be and that is on OTHERS! As the focus of what we need is shifted to what others need; our needs will automatically be fulfilled.

Remember, we may not see results right away; but realize that life is a marathon, not a sprint...this principle is applicable to every part of our lives; from raising children, to being married, building and maintaining relationships within companies. As we discover, develop and disciple from this day forward; watch our 'world', our circle of influence radically change!


  1. You've packed a ton of truth into these words.

  2. Amen, sweet sister! We need to access the power of God within us; acknowledge the gifts He has given us and use them to our full potential by His leading and power and to glorify Him. I celebrate the gifts He has given you! I praise Him for showering His beauty into your heart and spirit and allowing you to in turn shower love and truth (the three d's) upon those who have ears to hear and desire a closer walk with Him! You are so precious! Thank you also, for stopping by to encourage me....I'm also thankful that you were finally able to get your comment in through foxfire! Blessings to you always! xoxo


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