Jesus Chose The Womb Of A Teenage Girl Over Heaven

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

I leave you with a a few thoughts this Christmas...
"Jesus chose the womb of a teenage girl over heaven."
~ Joy Dekok

Jesus, The Word, gave up His right to what was His ~ uncommon and divine royalty.

The surpassing understanding of Jesus' amazing sacrifice, would be one of many more uncommon sacrifices that Jesus lived out; revealing the incredible, indescribable, majestic compassion of our Father God Who SO loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son; that whoever believes in Him should not die in eternity but have everlasting life.

As we tear open gifts, give gifts or ponder this day whether it be with sadness or gladness...may we be quick to lift our eyes and intentionally gaze with incredible awe upon the Father's heart and being truly humbled by His great majestic love toward each of us.

Therefore, as we are reminded of the Triumphant Victory that is ours through Jesus Christ our Lord revealed by His Spirit of Life. The Holy Spirit reveals not only life but the life that Jesus revealed and that is the great, abundant life...this life He reveals to us is the very same life that caused resurrection power to conquer not only His own death, but also conquered death, hell and the grave.

Finally, be strong in the Lord. Know that He is with you. He is near. He is your ever present help in your time of need. As you remember this promise, feel free to call on Him, and as you call on Him, not only will He answer you, but He will ALSO show you great and mighty things which you have never known before.

You are loved with God's eternal, glorious and incomprehensible love,

Scripture References:
Psalm 8
John 3:16
John 10:10
Psalm 46
Jeremiah 33:3


  1. Yes! Such a beautiful post.
    Now that Christmas is over, let us remain in that place of awe every day as we remain in HIM! Bless you, sweet sis!


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