Challenged to Live in the NOW!

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

"Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself."
~ Matthew 6:34 ~

Have you been challenged to live in the time of 'now' and in the space of 'here'?

On Saturday, many of us were as we were able to attend a LIVE taping of with Terry Pruett and Steve Koening.

Let me share a glimpse of the 'now':

The door opens and closes revealing the sound of the hustle and bustle of the outside world.
Feet shuffling.
Zippers zipping.
Computers chiming.

My 'now' moment brings me to the attention of a little boy talking, enamored by what is before him.

An older woman speaking kindly to the little ones.

The sound of an object falling on the ground.

Voices fill the room.

More feet shuffle coming in and going out.

Now I can hear the undertones of someone reading to themselves.

In this moment, I notice a woman looking for a place to sit as we exchange smiles, she finally sits down. My attention is taken to my water bottle which has just fallen on the ground, as I glance down I take notice of a fire extinguisher directly to the left of me, and a little further down the wall I notice a phone jack and electrical plug outlets. I now notice a fan, and a circular table with magazines.

Suddenly I hear a little boy's voice as he says with pride, "She's my favorite sister in the whole wide world."

Then, a little girl, so helpful says something profound to the receptionist, "A girl who was bullying me found out that I had a birthday. She started to be nice and I asked her if she wanted to be my friend, you know what she said? She said, "Yes". I learned that sometimes a bully can become your friend." Enamored by her willing to forgive, I can now hear fingers dancing upon the keyboard.

I now notice a man playing Words with Friends on his iphone and a woman on her ipad. I look all around me and seven people our of the sixteen in the room are preoccupied with an electronic device from ages 5 to adult.

I am awakened to my surroundings. The smells of the outside attached to people coming into the building are coupled with the smells of what seems to be maple syrup and a hint of orange.

Suddenly, the atmosphere changes as I see a man, a dad, coming in with impatience all over him. Then, my attention is interrupted by someone coughing, leading to hear a little girl tell her parents a story as she is interrupted by a phone ringing.

To behold the interaction of these beautiful people who are before me leaves me in awe of our Amazing God. Every person, so unique, incredibly different.

My senses are interrupted yet again as I can now hear an intuitive and animated little boy talking and elated by the 'now'.
I giggle to myself as I can hear him ask in his sweet yet demanding voice,
"Do you have a dad?"
"Do you have a mom?"
"Do you have a sister?"
"Do you have an aunt?" I discreetly giggle as I hear him say, "I don't have an aunt."
The young man that he is asking all these questions to is attempting to ignore him, but the little boy demands his attention.

Suddenly, another phone rings. Then, I change seats with a man who needs to plug in his computer. As I move, I see with new perspective as I can now see outside, the trees, the parked cars, people walking along the sidewalks.

What is everyone's 'now' that is passing them by?

I am greatly convicted as I realize that 'intention' is rarely utilized in this gift called life. As I ponder, sudden quietness fills the room. Slowly, the quietness is interrupted as I notice a woman across from me with her leg crossed as her foot quickly bounces up and down with great speed.

I can now hear buttons being pressed on a phone, and now the receptionist makes a phone call as her voice carries throughout the room, notifying a parent that their child forgot their bag.

Now my attention is interrupted with a snapping sound as a lady walks out of the building wearing flip flops.

I look around as I can hear the subtle sound of someone listening to country music. A phone rings, a woman answers, then another phone rings.

I intentionally take in the colors of a beautiful tropical plant that has been sitting on the receptionist's desk the whole time, however, I have not made myself aware to it until now. I notice the hot pink colors with lush, long, slim bright green leaves.

Deciding to change scenery, I step outside and hear the sound of a parked car as it runs idle.

The subtle wind softly makes itself known as the pages of my journal softly turn. The sound of another car starting, then another one.

Walking over to my car, I open the car door, sit down and shut the door.

As I look up I see the most beautiful little girl, my daughter who is now finished with class, she opens the door to our car, she sits down and shuts the door and putting her seat belt on. I embrace her as I take her beautiful face into my hands as I intentionally inhale her sweet, familiar fragrance enthralled by the 'now' of being reminded that she is a gift from my God 'now'.

With all this said, with all the taking in of just a few 'now' moments, there was not one moment where I even thought about yesterday or tomorrow...I was simply living in the 'now'.

I am reminded to embrace the 'now', for that is all that is promised to us...the right now. I must remember that I have been given the gift of now the moment I was born.

We get to be thankful to our God in the time called, 'now' and in the space called, 'here'.


  1. I love this, thanks for the reminder. We are all to often bogged down with life and our schedules to actually live in the now & here. Good Stuff!!


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