Mind boggling amazement!

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

Mesmerized, awestruck and elated by the incredibly powerful, Majestic, God of all! I am profoundly shaken as I read Second Chronicles 6:18 and the conclusion of the Gospel of John 21:25. The phenomenally beautiful proclamation is this: "And I suppose that if all the other things Jesus did were written down, the whole world could not contain the books." Reading the conclusion over and over again, I shake my head quickly as I feel my eyes crossing and spinning in my head as I am not capable to imagine the many things Jesus did that weren't recorded.

I look at it this way, "Have I documented in writing every moment of my own life?"  Of course not. Do I journal?  Yes, I journal, but in my journaling they are only glimpses of my life, not the wholeness thereof.

I have unknowingly limited God based on this amazing book I get to read and study called The Bible.  I laugh at myself, for I cannot limit God, for He is limitless, but in my mind's attempt to do such a thing is quite hilarious to say the least.  The Word of God that we read is so powerful and amazing because all day long it reveals glimpses of our Mighty God through the timeline of lives that have lived upon this earth, leaving a few handprints of their existence.

Today, this amazing awakening has taken place.  I have realized that I have looked at God's tools as a 'god'.  For instance, we say, "Prayer changes things."  But really it isn't the 'tool' that changes things, it is the ONE WHO holds the tool that changes things.  In prayer, we get this amazing opportunity to partner with God, utilizing a tool called prayer that allows us to see His glory revealed as HE, our Awesome God changes things, not prayer on its own.

This amazing freedom reveals this incredible, indescribably awesome God that not only lives in the supernatural realm but HE IS SUPERNATURAL!  He is revealed as He possesses us by His Holy Spirit, and then I ask, "Is my life continually revealing Who possesses my spirit?"

Shaking my head by the audacity of my unintentional attempt to contain Almighty, Majestic Holy God pulverizes my very heart.  Struggling with pride no longer has to be an occurrence when we set our sights on such incredible truth...that not even this Bible we go to for guidance by His Holy Spirit teaching us with His beautiful love would ever dare to contain Him.  Holy God, The One and Only God cannot be contained even within this astonishing,  life abundant changing book of scriptures. The scriptures point to Him, declaring that He is Who He says He is.  But even these scriptures itself do not even attempt to contain the glorious majesty of our God.

With all this said, I am triumphantly and victoriously reminded that no one can articulate His glorious splendor and majesty into words, not even the Bible or any other book written pointing to Him.  His glorious splendor and majesty is also to be revealed through us as He waves His mighty banner of love over us, so that we may reveal the standard by which we have been rescued from, sharing His glorious love with the world...His amazing love revealed through Jesus by His outstretched arms!

I am experiencing the Wind, The Holy Spirit of God Who reveals Jesus Christ, waving with great force the gorgeous banner of love.  His Amazing Refreshing Wind of His Holy Spirit will for sure, without an ounce of doubt, guaranteed, with ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE, NEVER will our God be contained by anyone or anything.  Let's get out of the box and truly live as His light shines brighter than the greatest natural light could ever shine!  



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