God Who Is Love Covers

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

"Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins."
~ I Peter 4:8 ~

"For a prosperous man is generous. He who refreshes others, will himself be refreshed."
~ Proverbs 11:25 ~

Betrayal. Infidelity. Adultery. Anger. Hopelessness.

"Lord, what is his password?
I need to know.
God, what is it?"
"Where is he?"
"Is he with her tonight?"

She finds receipts of purchases for this woman and her child.
The boiling hate of betrayal rises up out of her and towards him.
When she sees him, it is as though he can feel the weapons of every kind shoot like bullets from her eyes with disgust and shame.
Angry words stir up even more dissension.
The atmosphere filled with hate and anger.

Respect evaporates in an instant based on what he has done many times over.
Love evaporates in an instant based on the justified, condemning words she has spoken towards him.

In the midst of this war, their precious son, confused.
In his own turmoil, he asks himself,
"Did I do something wrong?"
"Why won't they laugh at my jokes anymore?"
"I want to laugh, but this house won't let me!"

Suddenly, she hears the whispers of the Holy Spirit, "Love covers a multitude of sins. The embrace of a wife covers the sinner. I forgave you and you received much forgiveness; now you must give freely what you have received much of."

Her fists clenched in anger as she screams, "God! Have you turned a blind eye to my pain?" Have you not seen what he has done? He is with another woman? Have you seen and heard the dialogue of these two? Everything I dreamed of, it has been shattered!!! God, why didn't you stop it?"
She hears the still small voice, "My daughter, I have also seen what you have done and I love you with My everlasting love. Daughter, he must see Me through you. I am faithful even when you were and are faithless. You are filled with my faithfulness from my Holy Spirit, now let Me pour out of you....I have never asked you to do anything I have not already done."

As she hears these words, she weeps with uncontrollable anguish.
She knows truth, but everything in her wants to do the opposite of truth.
Vengeance is easier; explosion is easier.
Pride revealed as self wants to manifest...yet, humbleness must be revealed through strength under control.

The power of hate that wants to spew out of control is controlled by the power of God's love, manifesting true humility.

The Spirit of God speaks to her heart yet again, "I am your Husband." "I am going to take this sin he has committed and use it as an opportunity to teach you what it is to have a husband who longs for you so jealously. As I teach you, he will learn from My respect through you how to be a husband I have called him to be, as you arise to become the wife I have called you to become. Remember Hosea, My prophet. Do not seek counsel based on what you want to hear; seek My Counsel, for you will hear what you need to hear. I will Restore; but you must do as I say."

Her head and eyes look up. This new found confidence rises up out of her and she says, "I will Arise out of this depression. My son and my husband need me. My husband is a soul who is in desperate need of Jesus." As she cries out she realizes her heart has shifted from selfish human love transformed by God's genuine love.

The Holy Spirit continues to comfort her as she hears, "My daughter, when your son is in the room, overtake him with a hilarious embrace. Kiss him, love him. Look into his eyes and tell him what a gift from God he is to you. He longs to laugh...let my joy burst forth bringing my strength in the midst of weakness."

"My daughter, tell my son, your husband how you appreciate his hard work. Embrace him."
"But God, what if he rejects me?""Focus on my acceptance of you, not mere man's rejection. Remember, he is not rejecting you but rejecting Me. Be my vessel. I will restore."

"God, what if I can't take it anymore?"
"Then, My daughter, I will reveal that My grace is sufficient for you. My grace will allow you to soar above what you can not walk through in your own strength. You cannot handle this burden alone; but I can and already have."

To see my friend walk out in God's strength is beyond admirable. It is truly seeing royalty at its finest. I am in awe to write a glimpse of her story as the testimony of God continues to unfold in her life, she is falling in love with The Lover of her soul, Jesus Christ. I asked her for permission to share God's testimony through this trying time...and without hesitancy she said, "Yes, share!"

As God allowed me to stand with her, I felt inadequate.
I told God, "I have no idea what she is going through. I am not qualified to pray with her, nor stand with her."
That is when the Lord pierced my heart.
It was as though I heard God say, "You will give Counsel from the Almighty Counselor.
Do not speak what you you want to speak, for when you hear what has taken place you will want to advise her to do what she wants to hear. You must arise and follow My lead, not your lead or the world's in this situation.
No more pleasing man with what they want to hear; but you must please Me and tell yourself and others what must be heard. Boldness shall arise. It is not something you summon on your own strength...submit to Me, abide and live in My Word and the counsel revealed in boldness will bring refreshment as My boldness is driven by pure, genuine love."

Scripture References:
I Peter 4:8
Proverbs 11:25
Ephesians 5:33
II Timothy 2:13
Isaiah 60:1
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