I get to call him, "Dad"!

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

Do you know who I speak of?
This person I write about is quiet and bold;
A man of few words, yet his actions speak louder than any given shout.

Brave and courageous; gentle yet stearn.
He says what he means and he means what he says.
Integrity and noble character is in his DNA,
He is witty yet observant, clearly faithful without dismay.

Compassionate and merciful and has no qualms when telling the truth.
This person I speak of is a man you may or may not know, he is my dad a man of little reproof.
Today is his birthday and I get to be called 'daughter', yes this is so.
Daddy, as I write these words I cannot help but see,
the imagery of Jesus Christ unfolding upon your life as you live out that you have been set free.

Dad, I remember all those years ago the twirls, the laughter, the fair discipline and more!
I remember how you helped me write and do my homework patiently; your words of wisdom filled my ears as you would read that amazing Book called the Bible every night before we were all set to snore.
You even made learning fun and even helped me 'Ace' a few spelling tests; do you remember helping me become the fastest multiplication girl in my 5th grade math class?

The most influential part of me and my sister's lives was knowing you prayed every morning and night.
You may not have known for many years that went by, but we knew you would kneel at the chair in the early morning before the sun would rise.
Praising and praying to God to cover your family with His love and His care.

You are a man of great integrity, but most of all, you are my dad.
'Twiggy', 'Jojo', and 'Mikey' are your 'three stooges'; your daughters who know they are blessed.
We are blessed beyond measure to have such a patient dad and most of all a loving husband to our beautiful mom!
You were and remain a great example from when we were little until now how we learned to realize "we are worthy and valued" by God Almighty Himself. 
Thank you for validating the gifts within us, along with our mom, allowing us to see how easy it is talk to
Almighty God and to never in our hearts or mind  'put God on a shelf'.  But to praise Him and thank Him every chance we get so we will never forget who we are without Him!

You taught us to love Him and trust Him with this amazing, loving and no one is better than Him fear.
The Great I Am who wants us to trust Him so that He can direct us on His path with very little tears.
Thank you for causing us to know Jesus and forsake religion at all cost,
for you knew the Freedom Fighter as you met Him in 1976.

You are a living legend in terms of a man, but most of all you reveal the Eternal Legend our Jesus, The Rescuer who showed His love for us in unimaginable ways!
Again, happy birthday dad, you may never know the lasting impact you have made as you have allowed the Lord to rule and reign in your life.

Love you sooooooo much,


  1. Hi Teresa!! At first I thought that you were talking about our father God! I'm so pleased that you have such a special dad!! Thank you for sharing him with us. I actually keep a poster with all the names of Jesus Christ on my wall beside my puter. I want to write hero's and heroines who resemble God and Jesus Christ's and Holy Spirits character! I didn't have difficult with Teresa's blog Anoymous. It looks fine. So glad I stopped! :)


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