Who Will It Be?

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

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"Look," they told him (Samuel), "you are now old, and your sons are not like you.  Give us a king to judge us like all the other nations have."
~ I Samuel 8:5 ~

The bantering mantra of 'We want a king' after reading I Samuel 8 has caused awareness to arise.  I have some amazing friends who are doing a study on I Samuel and to hear their insight from The Lord provoked me to want to study even more.

This morning as I read and studied, it was endearing to see the good man that Saul truly was. Saul's respect for authority was definitely to be marveled. Interestingly enough, what Saul was sent out to look for - looking for donkeys, also known as stubborn animals - would be what he would soon rule as king over - stubborn people who had been wanting a mortal man to be king versus The Immortal God.

With all of that, I had to know, what was the initial cause of the people of Israel wanting a mortal king?
Was it truly 'peer pressure', seeing other nations with a king, and they wanted one too?
What was it?
For years I truly thought that it was because they wanted to be like everyone else. Until I asked this morning, "God, Why would they NOT want You as their King anymore?"

So there it was - the cause of the cry was not what many of us had assumed.  In verse five of First Samuel chapter eight, the cause of their concern was not solely their dissatisfaction in God but more than anything it was the fact that Samuel's sons were nothing like their father Samuel.  His sons were greedy for money, accepting bribes and perverting justice. To think that the conception of Saul's kingship was based on 'rightful fear' is quite humbling. The people of Israel knew Samuel was getting older and his sons were nothing like him; actually his sons were somewhat of an echo of even Eli's sons to some degree. As I was reading, I thought, "Lord, can't you see their true concern?"  And then so lovingly I was reminded, "But their concern of the sin of Samuel's sons outweighed their concern to have faith in Me that I would deliver them."

Many times we see what others are doing, which are contrary to God - we allow their words or actions to have the final say - when we forget that God is The Final Word and He Has the final say - but will we allow Him to?

The triumphant victorious reminder today is as though I'm hearing in my spirit, "You either believe Me, Your God and Who I Am or you don't - and whichever one you believe is who will be king in your life.  Choose The King of all kings - choose LIFE (Deuteronomy 13:19)!


  1. Teresa, what a well-spoken word today! You know, I had never gleaned that insight about why Israel wanted a king. Very informative. And I loved (and was convicted by) the lesson that you drew from these Scriptures.

    Yes, we must be aware of who or what might replace The King on the throne of our hearts.

    Only You, Lord, ONLY YOU!



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