God's Cleansing Power

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Teresa Criswell

"But WHEN the Holy Spirit controls our lives, HE will PRODUCE this kind of fruit in us: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control..."
~ Galatians 5:22-23 (NLT) ~

Today's Triumphant Victorious Reminder will allow you to breathe and violently shake off the daunting burdens that we were never meant to bear!  What burdens am I referring to?  The burdens of believing that we are to produce the things that God can only produce - let us remember that we don't produce anything that is of God -  however we are 'displayers' of what He produces - when we allow Him to - and that is the Fruit Of The Spirit - then we realize that it's by God's Holy Spirit that works in us and through us to reveal Who The Father God is - as Landon Schott says, "Making Jesus Famous" through the powerful display of The Holy Spirit's power that was revealed as Jesus' resurrected from death, hell and the grave - now talk about a DISPLAY of God's Supernatural, Miraculous, Wonder-working power!

When we bring ourselves to the indescribably powerful awareness of God's continual, overflowing presence, watch the video below of what we allow Him to do -



  1. What a terrific visual! Thank you for posting mighty woman of God!

  2. that was soooo cool. at first i thought i would be "yucked" just by looking at the green goop---- then i thought, no way can a bit of water get rid of all that green yuck...and then the water came flowing and flowing and washing the goop away..the longer i watched, it seemed the bigger that BLACK drain hole became, like the "pit of hell'- back to where the yuck all came from! notice how the jar had to REMAIN under the water for it to be cleansed- and it didn't happen all at once- a gradual process--- and that's what i see in soooo many coming to REACH- they are sitting UNDER the water of Holy Spirit-("the washing of the water by the WORD!") to cleanse them...

    great visual, teresa..as usual!


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