42 years ago...

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell


The landmarks that were set in the background from that memorable day on June 21, 1972, has led you both to this very moment from which your story began – From Seoul, South Korea, to Honolulu, Hawaii and finally to the Los Angeles, California airports.  Think about this – so many moments, innumerable to count all the people walking by in that moment; in every terminal; goodbyes softly spoken; hellos excitedly shared; to the vacationers coming and going to the anticipated reunions and perhaps those mourning a loss to those who were starting all over again as fear caused their hands to sweat and their hearts to sink.  Those many moments filled with people in every circumstance revolving around one another – yet in those moments, it was like a pause in the universe as you must have felt the joyful nervousness of being reunited assisted by adventure of unbridled love and the longing to start a life together in the unknown.

Meanwhile, as you stepped out into the world of the unknown – misplaced faith in following this rare kind of love – this love that crossed oceans and the great divide transformed into faith that was intentionally placed in the Author of it all – Almighty God.

Dad and mom – your love for God – and your desperation for Him is what has led to this milestone
504 months, 2,191 weeks, 15, 340 days and 368,170 hours later.

Your 42 year anniversary – may the both of you have an anniversary with one another in which God is glorified and you both benefit in ways never imagined, dreamed or could possibly have ever seen in the greatest of books or movies.  May you see, experience and know that you both needed one another – one did not need the other more than the other – instead God placed in each of you what the other lacked and joined together in Him is what completed two beautiful people in becoming one rare vessel that has made an impact over their children, grandchildren and so many others that you have met along the way. 

Blessings and favor abound in Him every day and all the day long.

Love, Teresa “Twiggy”
June 2014


  1. Hello Teresa! You commented on my Magnolia Homes post a few weeks back about your sister -- can you email me at thriftydecorchick@gmail.com? :) I have a quick question for you. Thank you!


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