Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Written by: Teresa Ann

That moment you get the shocking report.
Tired, scared and you even feel ill equipped.
Yet all the while, there's a gentle whisper; a still small voice that can be heard above the loud distractions of our little worlds.

One moment everything was seemingly fine; the next moment, as though your life has been changed forever...and then right in the middle of it all; there's a  SUDDENLY COLLISION of the miraculous!  It seems as though GOD pauses time just for you...

Today I want to share an interview that is along these same lines, with Nikki Cody via Let's Talk with Teresa Ann. I've had the honor of knowing Nikki and her family for almost 5 years. It was fun times while her husband Les served on staff at REACH Church here in Austin. It was definitely a sweet time...and yet all the while GOD was calling them out of Austin and into Waco.

To hear the rest of the story; you can simply click here to listen via podcast or click on the video/link below to watch the interview via YouTube.

If you're unable to click and play the video, simply copy and paste the following link in your browser: https://letstalkstudio.com/flipping-the-script-monday-interview-with-nikki-cody-god-goes-before-us/


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