January 10, 2022 - Doing Good, Blessing and Praying

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"But to those who are willing to listen, "Love your enemies. Do good to those who hate you. Bless those who curse you. Pray for those who hurt you..."

- Luke 6:27-36

Have you ever wondered, "How the heck do I love my enemies?" I know I have wondered this quite often. Yet there was an awakening years ago as I was reading today's scripture passage. The Holy Spirit opened my eyes to know how we love our enemies.

The how is stated in the next sentence. It's spoken right after Jesus says to love your enemies.

The how is:
Doing good no matter what others do.
Blessing those who curse you.
Praying for those you who hurt you.

That's it!
That's how.

Wow! Just think, He is setting us up to sow seeds of blessing so we constantly reap a harvest of blessing. With those blessings, it's amazing to be reminded that the greatest blessing is being aware of His glorious presence so we are aware of Him even in our most difficult moments.

Just think, any other way of responding to our enemies is leaning onto our own understanding (Proverbs 3:5-7). And when we do it our way, even if it feels rightfully so, we will rob ourselves from getting to see God's glory and miss out on the miracle of seeing God save others in the midst.

It's a difficult one to fathom; yet when we follow Jesus' lead; by doing what He does and speak what He says, it allows us to face Him in the midst of what is trying to distract us from the Lord. In facing Jesus, He faithfully points us to the Father to behold God with awe and wonder. In this beholding of the Father by getting into the Word of God and are reminded of His greatness, this is when our hearts become transformed. It all starts with being fixed on the Father's heart.

When we are fixed on the Lord and in awe of His equipping grace to do this life His way; it's an extraordinary life of incomprehensible joy. Some onlookers and observers may believe you're dismissing what's been done; others may say, "You're coping" and others may think you're straight up crazy and irresponsible. Yet doing it God's way is peculiar; it's an anomaly and it horrifies darkness. The glorious light eradicates evil when we agree with God over and over again, revealing our trust in Him by doing it His way.

With all that said, there are many of you who know that our daughter’s car was stolen about 3 weeks ago.

With that said, this post is NOT about the car, but it’s about the young man who stole it.

It’s quite amazing how the car was locked and there were no keys in the car- so he had some technological ability to steal it, to where he was even able to override the security system.

So, as we step back, this young man has a gift that has been thwarted. And we declare with the loving power of God that he will now use the gifting and talents for God’s glory to eradicate darkness.

Will you join us in praying for this young man?
L. B. M. (I will only give first initials as God knows who he is).

If you will join me in prayer for this young man, thank you for getting with God and leaning into His heart for L.B.M.

What’s “cool” is he stole from people who are learning to know who God is. And those are the very people who will pray for L.B.M. as we remember our depravity without God. What is really amazing is how many people will be praying for him. God’s bowls of prayers are being filled for this young man. He will be prayed FOR (Not against) that his soul is redeemed and reconciled to the Lord and the generations beyond him will intimately know and fellowship with God.

A few of God's loving declarations over him:

- L.B.M. is called to be a son of the most High God

- L.B.M will do mighty exploits for the Kingdom of God

- L.B.M. will plunder and take back what is for God’s people

- L.B.M. is so stealth that he will even be used to smuggle Bibles and the love of God into nations that have laws against the Word of God.

- L.B.M. is a radical overtaken by the Love of God

- Ministering laborers are being sent to L.B.M. even now and he will receive from God’s powerful, bold and earth quaking love!

- L.B.M. will live for God for the rest of his days on the earth

- L.B.M. will be utilized mightily by the love of God
- L.B.M., God is coming to get you! Surrender now!

Love our enemies. The way we would love those we adore; the love of God is even deeper than that for those who are difficult to love.

Will you receive the love of God not just for yourself, but for those who are in desperate need for the Lord?

How does today's Triumphant Victorious Reminder help you to see God in a situation you are going through? What is He showing you with how to express His love?

And the great reminder is as we do kind things for the unkind; let's make sure we are doing it as unto the Lord. Here's why...the one you do it for may not receive it and you'll be tempted to count it against them. But that is the moment we get to be reminded to rejoice that we got to do that with the Lord and we witnessed His love through us. This is how we get to live a life of love as God's love is unoffendable.

Remember, this is a reminder of the heart of God and to agree with Him.
He has gone before us.
Be assured God is not catching up to you and I.

So now as we pray, may we listen in on what God has planned and simply agree with Him. Our prayers turn to praise as we realize we are simply following Him and He has gone before us!

God's love be expressed through us,

You can listen to my Let's Talk Podcast from today. On today's, "Heavenly Wit Monday" episode is with my daughter sharing what the Lord showed her when her car was stolen.


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