December 25, 2022 | The Invitation to Seek

(Part of Triumphant Victorious Reminders)

"Those who look to Him are radiant with joy; 
their faces are never covered in shame."
- Psalm 34:5 -

It's amazing how God truly invites us to seek Him in the midst of the good, bad and the uncertainties of life. 

Something I have come to learn is how the most reliable people in our lives, if we are not careful, we cling to them more than God. Or perhaps in the greatest of times, some don't see why God is needed in their moments. Then there are the moments in life where we ask God where He is when we have felt forsaken. 

There are so many scenarios. 

And yet God is right there. 

Those incredible moments of life, where things seem so wonderful, even those moments have now become my alerts or notifiers to remember how I must cling to The Lord even more. The importance of  clinging to Him and His grace for the purpose of properly carrying those beautiful moments with Jesus as He is our true perspective. 

The following scriptures have helped me stay fixed on the Lord this year:
Jeremiah 17:7-8
Psalm 34:5
John 15

I want to encourage you to go to the Holy Spirit and ask Him to help you with reading those scriptures with His Holy perspective. Personally, with those scriptures, I got to follow Jesus in starting "InterVINED Art" back in 2020 and what has unfolded since that time has left me in awe and wonder. The way God has come to my aid in a practical way, staying fixed on Him in prayer with what I call, prayer doodling.

It was like the Holy Spirit was showing me how He practically invites my mom to pray for others - and that is with pictures that she has laid out on her table. With those photographs she prays for and even lays her hands on them as she fervently prays to the Lord on their behalf. You can click here to read that post from 2009.

Going back to InterVINED Art, there's a book now on Amazon with a few of those doodles that you can order here . It's a mini devotional with 10 prayer doodles, including the title of each one along with each one having a scripture reference, and then a short commentary of what I received during the doodling process.

As we go throughout this life; the Triumphant Victorious Reminder is that we get to remember everything we do that is both good in word and deed, is as an act of worship to the Lord. Not from a place of obligation; but from a place of awe and wonder.

If we affirm and do good things for others, and if they don't appreciate it; we will always be disappointed and will even be tempted to quit and give up. Yet, when we do things for the Lord, it's all for Him and everyone else gets to benefit, whether they see it or not. When living this way, we no longer place false expectations that unintentionally say, "You owe me." Just that alone is gross as we should never see others as someone who owes us something or we have quickly forgotten all that God has done for us. The greatest example of this is our Christ Jesus. We can't get it twisted...Jesus didn't humble Himself for us first...He humbled Himself as worshipful obedience to the Father and because of that kind of obedience, sacrifice came forth by default.  Jesus did the will of His Father; and we all became benefactors of what Jesus did. This is why He can look at us, even when we have rejected Him and not say, "You owe me" because He did everything for the Father. Let's be reminded with such Triumphant Victory how we get to eagerly learn from Jesus to simply give to the Father because it's all for Him and His glory anyways. 

God bless each of you and Merry Christmas! "Mas" means more. So the MORE of CHRIST, the MERRIER we become, no matter the circumstances. For He is our Hope. He is our Promise. He is our Journey and Destination. He is our everything. Amen. 

Love, Teresa Ann

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