Monday, March 30, 2009, "Am I A Good 'Spotter'?"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
By: Teresa Criswell

"Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers."
~Ephesians 4:29

She shouted with passion and encouragement, "Come on! you can do it, just one more rep." As she spotted her husband who was bench pressing his record weight. He gasped in utter agony and exhaustion. She yelled, "Come on!" As she yelled, he lifted the bar with every bit of strength he had left and placed it on the stand.

Still out of breath, face red and sweat dripping profusely off his face; she yelled with excitement, "You did it! You broke your record, I told you that you could do it!"

The analogy described came to my mind as we were driving to get some errands finished for the day. It reminds me of a word called, "Spotter". The wife was the spotter for her husband. As his spotter she encouraged him, cheered for him and edified him. It reminds me of what we go through in life. As we are next to our husband, wife, children, friend, co-worker, etc. are we the proper "spotters" that the Lord would want us to be? When we see someone going through a trial or tribulation, are we cheering for them? Are we encouraging them?

There are some "spotters" in life that do the opposite and in effect see grim results. Why? Because with their mouth they choose to be discouragers. They choose to be the voice of the, "I told you so."

Being a true "spotter" in life we must receive what is already provided for us which is God's compassion. Jesus was led by compassion before He did mighty miracles. Compassion is another key to this life walk in Christ Jesus. Compassion is Who God is, as well as an attribute that He possesses.

Let us choose to be spotters of life! Who are you "spotting" for?

Pay 'compassion' forward!


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