Happy Love Day!

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

The doorbell rang. Although Julia was not expecting anyone, she ran and leaned on the door, raising up on her toes, looking through the peephole.

Looking to see who was on the other side of her door, she saw it was someone, someone she did not recognize. Her toes lowered her feet flat on the ground and although she had not anticipated anyone, you could see the let down, as her shoulders hunched down and her head lowered that she had hopes for someone that she knew would surprise her this Valentine's Day. She slowly grabbed the handle to open the door as her eyes widened in shock, she saw standing on her front porch, a tall, burly, broad-shouldered man holding onto none other than a large vase of vibrantly, colorful bouquet of flowers. She stood still. She wasn't expecting a delivery. She thought,"Who could this be from? Does he have the wrong house?"

Interrupting the awkward silence, the man's deep voice penetrated the atmosphere as he asked, "Is your name Julia?" Her sparkling eyes widened as she smiled and slowly said, "Yes, I am."

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He extended the beautiful bouquet of flowers toward her and said, "These are yours, enjoy!" With hesitancy, Julia awkwardly moved toward him to receive the flowers and asked, "Who are they from?" The delivery man seemingly puzzled, said, "I don't know. The guy who ordered these flowers gave his request and payment and quickly let me go." He continued to say, "Normally I don't take phone orders, someone else does that, but as I took the order for your flowers, the gentleman on the phone was very adamant that you receive the best bouquet we have ever assembled." Her eyes glazed over as he could see her attempt to grasp at who could have sent this beautiful bouquet, an expression of love. Sadly, when she came to, there was no one that came to mind.

However, I interrupt this story from my imagination as I am reminded of God, Who is Unfailing Love. His delivery of Unfailing Love and adamant pursuit of our hearts to be moved by Who He is must compel us to know that when others have failed us, or we have failed others, His Greatest expression of love, revealed by His Son Jesus knocks on the door of our hearts to not only deliver an extravagant blessing, but to extravagantly bless us moment by moment with God's glorious, wowing presence.

Whether you are experiencing loneliness and despair from a loss of your spouse, family member or friend, or whether you are desiring to have a companion to share your life with, or perhaps you have someone you get to share life with, no matter the situation, let us be reassured by the Greatest Companion of all, Almighty God. He is so beautifully revealed by The Holy Breath, The Holy Spirit of God. He expresses with great urgency to forget our former shame and loneliness, allowing Him, the Creator to be our Spouse. We must remember that He will never leave us nor forsake us as we receive the beautiful, vast, one-of-a-kind bouquets of His expression of Love moment by moment, whether it be through a penny, a flower, a word or deed, may we intentionally be moved by His desire to 'kiss' us as we are reminded that He is right there with us and He is for us.

Even in our greatest points of feeling alone in the midst of many, He is and will always be the Author of The Greatest Love and Companionship of All!

Scripture References:
I John 4:8
Isaiah 54:4-8
Hebrews 13:5


  1. I love the beauty of your words!
    So true...Blessed assurance! There is none other than the love of God which can fill that spot in our hearts ...reserved for HIM alone! Not to say we shouldn't cherish those whose love in our lives as the gifts from God they are, but even they can't fit into that space designed for Him. Forever and ever, He will remain...He has promised! Happy Love Day...every day!

  2. This is absolutely beautiful! I love the beginning, with the flower delivery story. And then it leads into God's love, and how HE is our Valentine. You are an amazing woman and writer, Teresa! I love you...


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