Awesome God

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

"You are my hiding place; You shall preserve me from trouble; You shall surround me with songs of deliverance."
~ Psalm 32:7 ~

I asked, "Lord, why is it so many of us get delivered, but then we feel we need to be delivered multiple times?"  That is when I heard in my spirit, "Desiring deliverance is not only a one time experience, it is experiencing a moment by moment relationship with Me the Deliverer".

Deliverance isn't just a one time, magic potion moment.  The beauty of deliverance is not about an experience but Who we get to experience it with.  Making ourselves aware to His presence and being awakened to the One Who sings songs of Deliverance over us, is incredibly right there with us.

Some may ask, "That sounds good, but what does that look like?"  I heard it said best from Terry, one of my mentors, "Teresa, you and your husband could be in the same vicinity of the house.  He may be in his chair watching television and you are doing something in the kitchen.  You both are there, but you haven't made yourself aware to one another's presence.  However, as soon as you intentionally become aware of one another, dynamics change, the atmosphere it is us with God.  He is right there with us, His presence is everywhere, but until we take notice and acknowledge Him that is when we are able to experience Who He is moment by moment being aware of our Amazing God.

It goes back to having a relationship with our God Who is eternally faceted.  For instance, there could be some who are incredibly content and know how blessed they are and if you allow Him, He reveals Himself as the Lover of your soul.  We get to have fun with Him, joyfully communicating with Him, looking up at the sky and even saying, "Wow God, You are so cool, even the heavens declare Your glory."  Maybe there are many reading this who feel or even were abandoned and yet Almighty God reveals Himself as your Father that no earthly man could ever come close in comparison.  Meanwhile, we could be in a situation filled with confusion and anxiety, yet even in that circumstance as we make ourselves aware to the Almighty Counselor and Teacher, He Who is Peace comes in and blows us away as our mind is unable to comprehend such an incredible feat. Perhaps in life we feel alone, yet if and when we allow Him, He gently reveals Himself as our Comforter...not comforting us in a 'coddling', or enabling way, but showing us that He has put bravery and courage within us to keep going as He assures us, "I Am here."  The innumerable amount of circumstances cannot hinder Him from being Who He is in our lives, will we allow ourselves to be a part in relationship of this amazing God? 

So today, let us be aware, 'triumphantly and victoriously reminded' of our God The Father Who is revealed as Father and Protector.  And Jesus Christ who came to reveal the Father, is The Son Who is our Companion and Friend.  And the Holy Spirit Who came to reveal the Son, is The Promised One revealed as a Mother, a Comforter and Teacher.


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