Mother's Day!

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

Dear God, You are the most beautiful MOTHER, revealed by your Holy Spirit; our Comforter, Nurturer and Teacher...When we as mom's feel as though we are at our wit's end, YOUR SUPERNATURAL POWER TO NURTURE and TEACH is ever present in our time of need and when we recognize that power; your gifts, our children truly flourish! Happy Mother's Day to YOU LORD!

To my earthly Mom, you are a beautiful woman, hilarious to be around and amazing to listen to!  Your words coupled with that irresistible accent which flows out of your mouth with passionate wisdom is a blessing!  Your way of wanting to surprise us with your presence has become a contagious tradition in which we attempt to find ways to do the same for one another and for our own children!

Mom, the way you look at life, your perspective, is many times seen through the passionate love of God! 

I know many adult children are blessed to call their mother's "mom" and "mum"; but I feel as though I am enormously blessed beyond them all.  It is not out of bias, but truly from experience that I write this.  God knew He could trust you (and dad) to nurture and parent someone like me.  Your prayers of persistent faith in our God over me while I was yet afar off is what saved my life.  Even though with your sight you could not see what I was to become, with God's great VISION you were able to hold onto the GREATEST FATHER AND MOTHER OF ALL...ALMIGHTY GOD!

Flowers, gifts, a card and a hug are good; but my appreciation for you within my heart squashes even the beauty of those things.  Thank you for holding onto HIM while He held onto me!  

I love you Mom...I love that you are not only my mom, but also my sister in Christ, my Starbucks buddy, my butt pinchin', neck huggin', small but mighty embracin' mom!

Happy Mom's Day!

Love, Teresa - -
That's suppose to be a 'replica' of your Asian smiley faces that you placed on every note you wrote to us when we were little girls!!!! 


  1. What a beautiful tribute to your mother!

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your mom...and to our Lord! Your words express so accurately what I also feel in my heart for the love I have been gifted from my own mother. I miss her so! Enjoy the time you share together, always! Happy mother's day to you and to your mom, my beautiful friend! xo


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