Simple gift, yet profound in their delivery!

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

"God is my strength and power, He makes my way perfect" (complete).
~ 2 Samuel 22:33 ~

Moments ago, I was cleaning my son's old desk.  My mind stayed focused on the chore, when a familiar voice interrupted my fixed thoughts as I scrubbed away the dirt.  Hearing him say, "Mom" so playfully is quite a blessing.  Actually, altogether to hear the precious word "Mom" be said of me, by him, this handsome young man is beyond joy to my ears.

As he and his wife entered the room, their adorable grins never grew faint.  Cody looked over at his wife and then looked back at me and bashfully said, "Mom, we couldn't wait.  Happy Mother's Day".  Slowly getting to my feet I was beyond blessed noticing in Cody's hand, a long rectangular plaque and a card decorated with large letters, spelling "Mom".  Elated, I said, "For me?!"  With proud smiles they said, "Of course.  Thank you for everything you and dad have done for us."

My eyes began to sting as I could feel the tears welling up from within.  On their end, a bit startled, my daughter-in-law asked Cody, "She's crying?"  He nodded as he knows me all too well.  :)  All I could do in those moments was continue to happily cry and say, "Thank you", embracing them wholeheartedly.

Moments later, with a huge smile, Cody looked at his wife, his chest sticking out, saying, "See, I told you she would like it."  Within moments, I excitedly found a perfect spot for the plaque that declares, "God is my strength and power; He makes my way perfect."
~ 2 Samuel 22:33 ~

You may think, just as they did, "What's the big deal?"  But little do many know the regrets I have had, wishing I would have raised him better.  Wishing I could get back those years and really show him my enormous love for him.  I must allow you to know that these regrets are no longer heavy weights of condemnation, instead, they are only that I wish Cody knew what a blessing he truly was and is in my life. 

As I was honored this evening in being one of the mom's in his life; a son not from my womb, but from my heart; the 'bonus' son gifted to me from God through my husband from his previous relationship was truly humbling.  To experience Cody and his wife's honor and kindness toward me is a head shaking honor.  To know such beautiful people, such as them, calling me that beautiful name, "Mom" brings me to my knees with extreme gratefulness.

In this moment, getting to have our son and his beautiful wife stay with us for a while is seen with new perspective.  I no longer am experiencing the news as a burdensome sigh, but rather an exciting moment to be a part of their story in this season of their lives.

Upon receiving their gift and heart felt words within the card they gave me, I was overwhelmed by their generosity.  They revealed a glimpse of God's faithfulness even when I was faithless.

Beautiful Mom's!  Remember, even though we are being honored and held to high esteem this Mother's Day, may each of us remember that it is our duty, honor and mandate to nurture, love, and embrace God's beautiful children; as many of you know from experience, they don't stay small for long.  The greatest assignment for a mom is to impart hope and faith in God in the process of their lives.  Just as we didn't develop in a day, as we are still going through the process, so we must remember the same for our children.

Their precious gift may have been simple, yet so profound in their delivery!

Thank You Lord for the reminder of Your strength and power when it goes through us as mother's, utilizing and exercising your grace to parent; causing our ways to be made complete for your beautiful gifts, our children.


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