A letter to a great man...

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

Colossians 3:16-17

A letter to a great man. This man is truly one who has taught me what Colossians 3:16 & 17 looks like in action!

Hi Dad,

Just thinking of you...yeah, I know it's late...I just finished working out, cleaning, made Tristin's lunch for tomorrow and have the coffee ready for the morning...the days are slippin' as Tim's been home for 2 days and doesn't have to leave until September 6th...we are very happy for that!

Anyways, I wanted to let you know how blessed I am to call you, "Dad"!  It is amazing how in spite of me and my challenges, you always believed in me...even in the midst of my lies...hmmmmm...no wonder I'm a great storyteller...I had a craft to tell stories, but I didn't hone it in correctly until much later in life.  I thank God for His mercy and forgiveness and for Him giving you and mom the grace to love me through it all. 

Dad, you must know that you spoke life into me.  I still remember all those times you would say how God would utilize me in great ways if I allowed Him to.  Although you may not remember all those seemingly insignificant details, I do...and you must know you telling me those things have never left me...even while I was living for myself, your words would be there in the back of my mind reminding me of who I truly was! 

I laugh to myself as I think of those times you sat down with me and helped me spell...did you know 'til this day I can spell almost any word?! LOL!  Seriously!  Or the time you bought me that awesome typewriter with a brand new case...wow, you saw the potential in me even before I did!!!  Although academically I struggled in school, I still remember being in grade school and being the only one in my class who knew how to spell the word, 'aisle'.  Do you remember sitting down with me at the dining table the week before, patiently going through my spelling words one by one?  It's hilarious the things that kids remember. 

There are so many memories...so many incredible things that you and mom did to foster the gifts and talents that are within us. You all were intentional and desired the best for us...so much so that we know you all wanted us to have and live the greatest life of abundance both in Jesus and in this physical life more than we could have ever desired for ourselves.

So with all that said, this may not be a special occasion in which I write, however I felt impressed to make sure that the VERY ONE that believed in me needed to know how much he means to his daughter...you are the best daddy. Thank you for allowing us girls and even mom to see a glimpse of God in such a healthy, fun and loving way.  Wow!  Talk about a Kingdom mandate that you took seriously...and I am so grateful to God for you dad...you are His faithful servant...and my faithful dad!



  1. Oh "Twiggy"....first of all I love that nickname! You are a blessing in return to the dad and mom who spoke love into you from day one and raised you to be such a beautiful, talented young woman. God's gifts in you are indeed being used in wonderful ways to bless others (me included). As your dad helped you to become who you are today, now you are helping your kids become who they are and the loving Kingdom mandate will continue to be passed on. I felt a tug on my heart for the parents I miss who also instilled God's love and values in me. Never, for a moment, will I take these blessings for granted. Love you sister! I'm so blessed to know you! xoxo


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