What if they...?

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

Ephesians 5:1-2, 15-33; I Peter 5:7

Oppression attempts to hold me down, the darkness permeating seemingly every part of my soul.  Yet I awake another day.  There is a longing in my heart, yet an unspoken fear seems to torture me.  Although it may seem insignificant and elementary, it is still a fear that has attempted to overwhelm my soul.

So the bantering questions in my mind have been, "What if they think I don't want to see them?"  "What if they assume I don't want to help?"  "What if they believe that I am a bad wife, mom, daughter, sister or friend?"
After reading Ephesians 5 this morning, the Lord has awakened me from this feeling of indescribable oppression and this false sense of 'over' responsibility.  Today I finally chose to cast, fling and throw that fear at His feet for  God knows my every heart's desire and in that understanding I must do my part and pray that my amazing husband and his heart would only be moved by God's heart to allow me within God's protective plan to release me more often to be able to travel as I long to see those whom I love and miss.

It is incredibly amazing that in this awareness today, The Holy Spirit allowed me to experience a tiny glimpse of the responsibility my husband feels as He is called to be the protective warrior that he is.  This experience caused me to go to my knees in repentance as he has this protective responsibility fused so deeply within his soul.

Being made aware of this leads me to pray more specifically that the responsibility my husband takes very seriously would not cripple him with fear, instead that he would know by God's Spirit when to release me to go and when not to go and everyone involved would experience the supernatural joy and peace of our Almighty God.  Rejection has no place in anyone's heart, instead with great triumph only God's Supernatural peace and joy that surpasses our understanding, that is unspeakable and full of God's glory would be experienced at every moment.

Friend, if you are struggling with the "What if's" today, I declare, be at peace according to God's abundant grace!  Shalom!  I am reminded today that we cannot control anyone or anything; the only thing we have control of is how we as individuals respond with obedience and love to every situation.

The challenge lately has been, "Teresa, how are you going to show up?"  Expounding on that question, allows me to ask myself, "Am I going to show up with justifiable rebellion?" "Or will I continually rise up and be what I am called to be?" For I must remind myself moment by moment that I am a daughter of the King, and in that role, I must no longer reveal my former peasantry but reveal God's triumphant and victorious royalty!


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