Creation waits eagerly...for what?

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Stevens Criswell

"For the anxious longing of creation waits eagerly for the revealing of the sons of God."
~ Romans 8:19 ~

Have you felt the sting of rejection? How about offense? What IF we looked at these two things never the same? Would that be nice or what?

 Of course it may sound like "delusion" is talking here, but from the depths of TRUTH, although "rejection" is a word to describe someone not wanting to be with someone or around them; I now look at it as just that...a word to describe.  Yet there is so much more.

For instance as a few years back, the Holy Spirit reminded me with a question, "Have you been focusing on WHO has accepted you or on the ones who rejected you?" The same goes with the sad ugliness of abandonment, yet shifting focus and celebrating WHO adopted us.  Easier said than lived out?  Yes - but only on the conditions of not relying on the Holy Spirit of God WHO lives within me.

Just that mystery alone of GOD's SPIRIT living within us when accepting HIM WHO IS SALVATION, BLOWS ME AWAY - the God of heaven and earth has chosen to reside in me - what the heck???? Ha -  this alone causes joy to stir from within!

The theme being resounded from heaven is God's UNSTOPPABLE LOVE. From our pastor emphatically teaching this to other messages being echoed in the earth for such a time as this! There are many unfolding revelations just in Romans 8:19 alone - but wait until you hear this revelation that has wrecked me for Kingdom good:

"...And I live my life knowing that every day is another chance to manifest God and ALL creation is groaning for you to do the same...When I'm at the airport and someone freaks out on me, "Get out of my face"..."O dude you're groaning."

I see it that way. 

Others see it as rejection - I don't see it as rejection, I believe rejection is demonic. 

I believe the only one that is rejected is the devil...period. I believe he's cut off, he's a withering branch, there is no hope in him, and he wants to reproduce his mindset in me and make me think that I'm rejected.  If I realize that I've been ACCEPTED in the Beloved and God's the ONE that gave me my acceptance there's absolutely no one on the planet that can take away what they never gave me.  I cannot be rejected...I love you and LOVE (Who is God) never fails.  But I don't love you for you to love me back because that fails. If I love you for you to love me back that means I only love you for what I can get from you, from the praise I might get from you, from the thanks I might get from you and Jesus doesn't love us like this.  God doesn't say, "I love you - NOW SAY IT!!!!" But we grow up that way, we're trained that way, boyfriends/girlfriends, we're taught our whole life - it's selfish.  It's demonic strategy to get us messed up in the area of love.  God so loved the world He gave.  Why do Christians love?  Because He gave..." - Todd White

The Triumphant Victorious Reminder is to remember moment by moment, our daily motive must be from the unfailing perspective of "God so loved the world He gave" and so must we. 

Here's the full teaching via YouTube:


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