Triumphant Victorious Reminder
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

Leaning into the heart of God as though I can hear the billowing waves of His mercy and realized...

God did not send Jesus in vain to die for the Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, American, European, African, Australian, Asian, good, bad, giver, taker, rapist, homosexual, heterosexual, murderer, molestor, nurturer, philanthropist, influencer or any other religion, nation or creed; He died for each and every person within these groups as He knew each of us as an individual calling us by our name before we were ever formed in our mother's womb - He never meant for us to take on the false identity of any one of the groups mentioned.

Today I am reminded that Jesus didn't die and then conquer death, hell and the grave so that we'd take on the identity or citizenship of another - but that we would take on His identity - as a son/daughter of the King of all kings so that we would become citizens of heaven, representing the One and Only King of heaven Who wants to impart into the earth from heaven.

The triumphant, victorious reminder is that He doesn't group us into a cluster of people but sees us as an individual Who need Him - then we must see others with ONLY HIS VISION and say, "God! You know him/her by name - open their ears so they can hear You, sensitize their feelers so they can sense your wooing and open up their senses so they can hear, smell, see, and feel the declarations of Your Mighty Name - as you call each of us by name...you don't call us by who we "think" we are - but Who You say we are!

In all that we are experiencing in our world - this is not to negate what we must do here on earth to protect that which has been entrusted to us to defend the defenseless and much more - but may we walk in God's wisdom every step of the way, not moved by good or bad emotions, opinions or more - but moved by His leading, by His Spirit - oh how we need You Lord!


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