August 3, 2010, "Fret and Worry to Faith and Releasing the burden"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

"And let us not grow weary while doing good for in due season we shall reap if we do not lost heart."
~ Galatians 6:9 ~

I am in a familiar place. I don't like this sort of familiarity. The 'me' that God has called me to be is either going to be revealed; or someone else will. Lord, You know I am in this place of transition. I disdain and despise this place...but I ask myself, "Am I going to see this as a place as a place where I can grow in You Lord, as my eyes remain on You?" Or am I going to look at this place as an opportunity to go from fretting and worrying to mounting distrust? This 'distrust' is not only in regards to You Lord; it is also in regards to a person I love very much. It is not a distrust as in infidelity; but a distrust in, "Will this person make the God decision?" This place of familiarity; this place of transition; this place of distrust; which way will I go? Will I be led by the circumstances and run away; unintentionally running from You? I know this running away will only lead to shaky and unstable ground resulting in destruction. This path will only lead me away from my trust and reliance on You Lord. Or will I be led by the Spirit of You God? Will I trust in You to the place of giving my overwhelming worries over to You, my Overwhelming God?

I know the answers because I know an amazing glimpse of Who You are. Yet, will I choose You, The Answer? I want to scream with all that I have and am. My fleshly nature wants to run away; the temptation to leave is so strong. The thwarted drawing away from Truth as I think more upon this unstable place; the more I seem to desire.

The reasoning in my mind tempts me to run to the unstable place; attempting to reveal that it is better than where I am. I can see the lie right before me, as my mind wars against itself.

I know I must trust in You. I know the Right Answer...I know You. My willingness to obey wants to take flight, I'm beginning to grow weary; I don't want to fight.

But wait Teresa! This is not your fight; Teresa bring this to The Lord!

I must be reminded of this, for my life in You depends on it! Father, I bring this burden to You. My flesh desires to want to end it; but what will this accomplish? What will that do? It will accomplish nothing. How will the destiny of God over my life impacting others be accomplished?

Lord, Yes...You will get that which needs to be accomplished...accomplished! But Lord, please don't pass over me; I give you my heart; mold my heart, make me pliable in Who You are; and what You have called me to do. May the one who I need to release me to do Your will; may that person release me to do so. I do not want to be hindered any longer. I yearn for support from this person...I release this to You Lord.

Thank You Lord for the reminder not to fret in the decision this person will make; but I pray my faith is stirred up in You to know that You will be an influencer over their heart as it is concerned with Your plan and purpose. O God, You have equipped me to have Faith in You! I am not to have faith that the God decision will be made; I must have Faith in You, and that Your influence will be upon and move the one I love. I must believe in my heart that they will be influenced by You Lord and Your will leading us in the right direction because they are led by You; the Leader of all leaders!

I am reminded at this very moment, that God is not mocked! I must be intentional in what I sow right now in this very moment. Will I sow into my flesh; reaping corruption? Or will I sow in to the spirit; and by the Spirit, reaping everlasting life? Teresa, sow into trusting in God by the power of the Holy Spirit, for it is not by power nor by might; but by the Spirit of God that you will be able to trust.

With trusting the Lord comes transformation, revealing obedience. With distrust in the Lord comes regression, revealing disobedience.


  1. As I was praying that you'll have peace while you wait (and not to fight/resist having peace in this situation), I was reminded that God will make a way for you to do what it is that he's led you to do. He always makes a way.

    I'm also praying that God will continue to bless you as you have already blessed so many others.

    Be at peace my friend. Love you,

    - Celina

  2. Hi Teresa,

    "With trusting the Lord comes transformation, revealing obedience."

    Praying for you that you strengthened by the peace of God in all things.

    Blessings and peace.


  3. This beautiful prayer is amazing. Something I needed myself to remind.
    Thank you heavenly Father,Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit you talk to me even through another person thoughts and words.
    Bless you Teresa for your help , may God brings you HEAL-ing (Health,Enlightenment,Abundance, Love)


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