January 29, 2011, Trembling and Shaking at Injustice

"Under three things the earth trembles, under four it cannot bear up: a servant who becomes king, a fool who is full of food, an unloved woman who is married, and a maidservant (positioned to serve) who displaces her mistress (positioned to lead)."
~ Proverbs 30:21-23 ~

Have you been a witness to someone mistreat a server in a restaurant?
What about a customer mistreating a cashier clerk?
How about a woman being dominated by a man with hateful words?
What about a woman disrespectfully robbing the position of her husband's place?
How about a child being mistreated and instead of being treasured like the rare jewel they are; you witness that they are treated like a piece of trash?

The scenarios could be listed for many years, however, as I think of these few scenarios, I am reminded how I must be a person that trembles and shakes at the injustices done...just as the earth trembles and quakes at injustice (Proverbs 30:21-23).

Our voices are a mighty tool...our stand is a mighty tool. We are meant to declare with the authority given to us by God through Jesus Christ to stand up...even if it 'seems' we stand alone. We may not see with our physical eyes anyone by our side, however, we must know that we have chosen the side of God when we stand...so truly we are not alone...for if God be for us; who can possibly be against us? I love this rhetorical question...in comparison to God....any enemy should look smaller than even nothingness.

There is a boldness from God that arises with great compassion and love...God who is Love also reveals His love even in His wrath. I am learning this even in my life as He has so lovingly corrected me by the Spirit and through my true sisters in Christ. My true sisters that I have relationship with, I have never had to ask or plead with them to be honest with me...they are led by the Spirit of God and they do not keep quiet to appease my soul. Now, is it taken well right away?
Haahaahaa...Uh, no...I definitely experience a squirming in my flesh, sometimes even wanting to explode in anger, yet, the end result is that we have grown closer in the Spirit because they did not compromise quietness to spare my 'feelings'.

I must remind myself that I died when I said "Yes" to life in Jesus...so my feelings that awaken must be reminded how dead and gone they are when it comes to my growth in Christ Jesus. Those feelings that we possess are truly a gift from God, however, those feelings are not to possess and rule over us.

As I write this, I can hear my 'soul' saying, "Are you sure you really want the truth?" My answer by the spirit is, "Yes...as long as it is Truth that points to Christ Jesus who is FREEDOM...not truth defined by opinion or another philosophy that is contrary to that of Christ Jesus."

Am I willing to stand?
Even if it looks like I am alone as we stand for righteousness and justice, we must remember the Great I Am, Holy God is Who we have chosen to stand with in obedience. We must be assured that He is with us along with the angels. He has commanded them to keep us in all our ways!

I pray that I am not moved by their rejection...I pray I am more moved by the reminder of God's acceptance of me even while I was in great sin.

Today I am reminded that the foundation of God's throne is righteousness and justice.

Scripture References:
Proverbs 30:21-23
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  1. I so love this blog especially when you said a great compassion arise with boldness. You know we must learn to stand or we will fall for anything. It's like we see our brothers and sisters sinning and instead of talking to them we keep our mouth shut and say nothing. See I think that is totally wrong we should say something because to me when we don't say nothing we are just as bad as the person sinning. The question becomes am I concern about your soul or you telling me to butt out your business. We are our brother's keeper we are accountable to one another. The bible clearly shows us to to handle when we see our sisters and brothers sin. Talk to them if they don't listen bring a witness we do this so we can bring them to repentance of sin and by doing so we save them from sin.

    Great post my dear. I could say more but I don't want to make this another blog to what you already have here.


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