January 9, 2011, "Victorious Declaration of Praise"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written By: Teresa Criswell

"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in time of trouble."
~ Psalm 46:1 ~

The Victorious Declaration of Praise even when I don't feel like declaring it:

God You are so awesome!
You are magnificient beyond the boundaries of beauty.
Your Holiness and Matchless Power can never be contained!
Containment itself would never dare to attempt such an action.
There is NONE like You...no not one!
You are the most powerful, Holy, Righteous, Just God!

You are powerful. I am reminded of the powerful oceans in all the world that toss huge vessels to and fro and yet these massive waves are in absolute awe of You, The Most Powerful God.

You are Holy. I am reminded of the mighty angels that declare who You are moment by moment, shouting, "Holy! Holy! Holy!" The angels are monstrous in our eyes and yet in comparison to You, the mighty angels are in awe of such Holiness. Pure power. The pure power of Who You are which is Holy is uncontainably rushing; revealing Your glory. The Holiness of You; All Consuming Fire, would obliterate our physical bodies to particles of dust...yet You love us with a Love that can not be translated into human action or human words of any sort...for You are LOVE.

You are Righteous. I am reminded of Who You are! The foundation that stands; You are never failing to support, never falling apart; never losing Your sustaining power. The changes and shifting of time that passes through cannot penetrate You! For You are the Foundation of which I stand because of Jesus Christ.

You are Just. I am reminded of Your Throne. The foundation of Your throne is righteousness and justice. You are my Advocate and my Standby even though I do not deserve it. You remain my EVER PRESENT help in time of need and trouble!

Hallelujah! Father! You are magnified! You be glorified in my eyes! My eyes must see that which already is...and that is You! You are high and lifted up ~ higher than anything that tries to come against me. As my mind magnifies you; the out of control thoughts become demagnified! Submitting to you, causes a resistance simultaneously to my screaming flesh that wants to receive depression! You are All Consuming Fire that obliterates, annihilates and melts away the unknowing want and desire to be a victim when You see me as a victor! You are so Awesome God...beyond the boundaries of awesome. You are incredibly God! My mouth can not keep up with the praises that surround You...for You are The Great I Am!

Scripture References:
Exodus 8:10
I Samuel 2:2
II Samuel 7:22
Jeremiah 10:6 & 7
Isaiah 6:3
Hebrews 12:29
Revelation 4:8
Psalm 89:14
Psalm 46:1


  1. Good Morning! What a delight to find that you had been hanging out at my blog place! Thanks for your encouraging and generous comments! I'm loving reading your insightful posts~just beautiful. You have such a way of bringing the focus back to the glory of the Father~what a blessing. I simply adore your mama~~what an amazing woman of the Lord. So glad to see you here in BlogLand!


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