March 17, 2011, "Praise, Encourage and Edify our Glorious God and King"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written By: Teresa Criswell

"And my tongue shall speak of Your righteousness and of Your praise all the day long."
~ Psalm 35:28 ~

Circumstances began to build itself up.
My eyes allowed my soul to be overtaken with fear as they seemed to become larger and larger. Before I knew it, my mind was exalting the circumstances like a massive, giant tidal wave only growing stronger as it came closer to land.
Then, SUDDENLY! Yes! Suddenly! I could hear through the wind of howling circumstances the still small voice whispering with authority, "Praise your God! Encourage and edify Me, NOW! I long to hear the praises of My people!"

O! As soon as I heard this, my heart led my body into this indignant triumphal cheer!
The praises that came forth declared,
"God You are the Mountain Remover!
You are Strength over all strength!
You are Comforter and Joy to those who weep in mourning!
God! You are The Great I Am...there is NO ONE LIKE YOU! NO ONE! NO ONE!
When the world glorifies the famous ones, I can shout, "I know THE MOST FAMOUS ONE! I KNOW HIM! HE LONGS AFTER ME! HE DESIRES ME and I desire HIM!"
With joyous laughter, I declare, "I know THE MOST FAMOUS ONE!"

God! You are The Creator...I am Your workmanship that needs not to be ashamed...if I don't praise You as Jesus proclaimed, then the stones will cry out! I don't want those stones replacing my voice!
My flesh will no longer silence me!
I will not be silenced! You are God!
You are my Triumphant God, Who is, Who Was and Who Is To Come!

God! I come to you and encourage You and edify You; I want to bring refreshment to You...for I know as it says in Your Word, when we refresh others, we, ourselves, will be refreshed!
I get to bring praises of refreshment to The Great Refresher with the praises of Who You are!
I am to be careful not to be a 'Promise digger' to seek out what I can get from You...but I am going to be a 'God digger' and 'God seeker', craving and seeking after Who You are and Your glorious righteousness!!!!!!

I must be a cheerleader for My God!
I heard as I was praising, "All My people whom I have created are instruments of praise!
Let your praises to Me be the 'fingers' that strum your life; exalting, edifying and encouraging Me!
No longer allow the 'fingers' of circumstances, worries and concern strum you, for that does not praise Me!
I Am your God and I Am MORE than Worthy to be praised!
My daughter, be My instrument of praise and no one else's!"

Praise is not only a weapon against our enemy...but it's a weapon against our mindsets and distorted perceptions.
The weapon of Praise to God refreshes the very core of who we are destined to be; designed by our Almighty God!

Let us be trumpets of praise; revealing our Majestic King who enters in...let us honor Him! When we are tempted to complain; let us turn and praise our Glorious God and King!

For remember when we complain, we will remain; however, when we praise, we shall be raised!!!!!

Scripture References:
Psalm 35:28
Ephesians 2:10
Luke 19:40
Proverbs 11:25
Matthew 6:33
Ephesians 6


  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have written with such beauty and passion. I will join in your chorus of praise to our Glorious God and king.

  2. Amen, amen, amen! And again, I say AMEN! Praise is one of my soapboxes. We do not realize the power and cleansing abilities of praise. Oh, that we would praise Him more! Beautiful, Teresa!

  3. I really enjoy reading the words that pour from a heart for God. I believe that you really have a heart for Him. I am following you!

    Thanks for stopping in and leaving me comments! Elima is a doll ~



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