March 7, 2011 "Interview with my daughter"

This is hilarious and so refreshing! In my daughter's words, she said:
"Mom, I have a perma-grin, I'm so happy to be here (REACH Church). Mom, I can't explain in words how much I love stomach tickles whenever I think about it." We giggled and giggled some more. Her enthusiastic, tickling response led me to the following interview with her and I believe you will enjoy it as much as I did!!!

Interview with my daughter:

What caused you to want to return to REACH Church after the first visit?

Well, I love the people there and they are like really nice and kind and fun and full of the Lord. Another thing is I get to see my friends there, and I get to learn about the Lord in a FUN way, instead of just words. They don't treat us like little kids who don't know anything. We sing and jump up and down for the Lord. They do skits, they give you silly bands and the silly bands represent something that they are teaching. For example, I got a heart silly band which represents the Heart of God.

That is really awesome. So when you come to church what is it that you look forward to the most?

O, that's easy...Ok...when I look at my silly bands I get excited and am reminded of getting to see Mr. Weiss, Mrs. Jody, and Mr. Isaiah and the reason why is because they do fun lessons about Faith, The Bible, and The Heart of Jesus.

So, for instance, when you look at the heart silly band on your wrist, what are you reminded of?

Well, first when I look at the silly band....I don't just look at it as a heart silly band and say, "O, that's cool"...I look at it and I think of God's heart and how His heart is pure and loving towards us.
The second reason why I like the silly band, is because I think of the day I gave my other heart silly band to my friend and got to share the message of Jesus with her on the bench at recess. It was really cool. What was awesome, was that no one was on the bench.

That leads me to ask you, are there usually people on the bench at recess?

O Yes, lots. It was such a "God" thing because nobody was on the bench, it was just me and her...she wants to come to church with me.

One last question, throughout the week, I have noticed you reading the Bible and you get really excited, so tell me why?

Well, the reason why I get excited is I get to read the Bible. It's cool, they give us these bookmarks and the bookmark gives you scripture to read everyday. We read it out loud to our mom and dad and what I think is really cool, is I get to read something new every day out of the Bible but even though it is different it all comes together.

You really are a blessing and I can see through your excitement that the Lord has really blessed you at REACH Church. Thank you for your time, have a blessed evening.

Thank you, you too mom. Ummmm, mom, I live with you. (giggle). Good night mommy (The room filled with giggles).

Good night sweetie.


  1. Now that is awesome!

  2. Teresa -

    That is cool! It's nice seeing the younger generation getting excited about God!

    God bless!

  3. So sweet ! I love those giggles..I have them lots with my daughter too!
    Thats amazing about her love of God!!
    Loved this interview..thank you!

    In His love,
    Deborah xoxo

  4. This was so awesome!! Thank you for allowing God to work through you to be a Godly Mom. For taking your child to church so to learn how to be such a blessing and a witness to friends.

    Train a child in the way he shall go and when he is old he will not depart from it.

  5. That was adorable. I can just hear her little voice and giggles...and the "um, mom, I live with you" LOL You are very blessed, as I'm sure you know...and so is your little one! :)


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