March 28, 2011, "Revelation through Intimacy"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written By: Teresa Criswell

"Let my prayer come before You; incline Your ear to my cry."
~ Psalm 88:2 ~

I want to encourage you with some beautiful gifts that I have learned in my intimate time with our Awesome God:
"The power of prayer is not what changes things. The power is from our awesome God Who utilizes prayer as a tool to change things." God so lovingly revealed to me that my focus was on His gifts...He was so kind and patient as he showed me that I must remain focused solely and only on the Gift-Giver!

Prayer is a constant communion with God. Whether it is us responding with words or responding by listening to His Words...this is true prayer."

"The jealousy of God is not about our perspective of sinful or angry jealousy. I truly believe that the perspective of God's Jealousy is driven by His loving protection.

God's Jealousy is His protective power that longs after us to not fall in love or lust with something or someone else that will only result in destruction. O how He is jealous for us!"

You are loved...if you 'see' someone in your heart and mind today, pray for them and ask God through His Holy Spirit how you ought to pray. If you need to call and let them know that God shared a glimpse of His thoughts with you over them...then do so. We never know what that could do for someone.

Encouragement allows others to be led to the Bridge of Hope...our Hope of Glory which is Jesus Christ!

I heard a great quote from John Bevere. "The highest form of worship is obedience."


  1. Beautiful, Teresa! And so true. Thank you!

  2. God desires intimacy from us and we should desire it as well. How can you know God if we don't take time out to know Him. He calls us His children and we are to come and dine with Him. Come and see how good the Lord is, but if we don't taste of Him one will never know how good He is.

  3. Beautiful words, Teresa. I can so relate to God 'lovingly' showing us the way. Even His anger is out of love!

    Love you lots and lots and lots!!!


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