June 5, 2011, "Depressed? Offended? Discouraged?"

Depressed? Offended? Discouraged? O, let me tell you...I sure have been. I must be real with you. My obedience to submit to God has been absent, leading to the 'praises' of what I am depressed about, of who has offended me and why I am so 'freakin' discouraged. I have tried to invite others to my self-pitied, depressing rants, but no one will join me. What the heck?

Well, praise God that no one has joined me, because I am incredibly wow'ed by Almighty God, The Most Famous One. I am wow'ed in great belief that God in all His glorious fame longs for me to long for Him.

Words cannot explain the incredible, indescribable, mind twisting awe that I have towards Him. I woke up this morning with a text from my friend Julie, who after a series of text messages of encouragement reminded me of what must be continually in my mouth as she pointed me to the Word by the power of the Holy Spirit.

As my mind for the past few days have overflowed with rehearsed hurts that I received, which I should not have, I was so beautifully and lovingly reminded by our God of this beautiful Psalm that David poured forth. This principle of praise is an eternal principle that applied over 4,000 years ago, and still does at this very moment. I was reminded so gently, yet powerfully of what must be continually in my mouth...the praises of God.

When the praises of God are continually in my mouth, then that is what is in the forefront of my mind and heart. The praises to God gives me the ability to cast down thoughts that need NOT be entertained for one moment.

Father God in the Name of Jesus thank You for Your Comforter and Strengthener of Your Holy Spirit. Father, I thank You for the tools that are readily available to each of us...the power of praise is essential as it allows our eyes to be fixed where they must be...on YOU! Thank You Lord for strengthening my brothers and sisters who are in need of this reminder. For some of us it is a moment by moment walk of praise, allowing us with Your grace to rise above the circumstances, proclaiming and declaring the power of Your God! I love You Lord, you are greatly to be praised!


  1. Amen!! I'm so sorry I haven't visited your blog in a while, life has been busy around here. I have been feeling discouraged for a long time, but as my daily prayers go in for my family and friends, I often wonder if i'm getting any answers. But, that doesn't stop me - i'm going to keep on trying and now i'm feeling like things are going well, well in the adoption area as we get closer to a referral for our baby girl. Teresa, I will keep you in my prayers and I ask that if you could say some for me/us as well. God, has put some many wonderful people in my life and I feel blessed having each of them. Hugs to you my friend.

  2. Oh, Teresa! I do not believe we know the full depth of what praise can do. I learned a long time ago to praise the Lord no matter what. It's my safeguard. I love the way The Living Bible relates Phil. 4:8, "And now, brothers, as I close this letter, let me say this one more thing: Fix your thoughts on what is true and good and right. Think about things that are pure and lovely, and dwell on the fine, good things in others. Think about all you can praise God for and be glad about." I don't usually like to do this but I'm gonna. Here's a link to something I wrote that you might find interesting on praise. It's something the Lord spoke to me.


    Praying for you, sweetie!

  3. I can relate to both sides of this important message. I was just listening to a sermon about this subject and how when we continue to bring up hurts in our mind or even in our conversations, we don't let God remove them...hanging onto hurts is like wearing "our grave clothes". Pretty powerful.
    You are so right....praise will immediately set us free and praise is a powerful weapon against the enemy who wants us to feel un-loved! Beautiful, sister! Thanks for your on-going encouragement!


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