February 8, 2004 | Chosen By The One Who Calls Us To Himself

And later Isaiah spoke boldly for God, saying, 
"I was found by people who were not looking for Me. 
I showed Myself to those who were not asking for Me."
- Romans 10:20

While on the phone with my daughter; she ended the call with an intriguing question. I laugh to myself as she ended the conversation on a cliffhanger note to say the least. She said, "Mom, before we end this call, I have an interesting question to ask you. Don't answer now. Go to the Lord and ask Him."


Curiosity perked as I eagerly said, "Okay." She then replied, "How do you know you have been chosen by God?"

It was like I got hit up the side the head, while getting kissed on the cheek at the same time. I said, "Ummm. Uh...Wow! What a great question to go to the Lord about." She then said, "Okay. I love you mom. I'll talk to you later."

Immediately after our call ended...Tristin's question was definitely of the Holy Spirit. He was wooing me to know Him more. There was a keen desire to lean in with this wild exploration into The Lord like never before. There was a wooing to go deeper than deep with Jesus. With that question, I walked over to my messenger bag and pulled out my journal. Upon opening the notebook, I had to immediately write. That was when I wrote these two questions: 

"Lord. How do I know You have chosen me?" 

"What if I think I'm chosen and I'm really not?"

As quickly as I jotted down those words, this instant thought came in...this thought was a date. The date was March 6, 2003. I was brought back to that day immediately. It was the morning my life really began with new perspective I had never known before. I was LITERALLY touched by God's Holy Spirit. I was awakened to a comforting hand upon my shoulder. When I opened my eyes though, there was no one there...or at least that's what it seemed. 

That day. 

That morning. 

It was the testimony of God's holy touch awakening me to Himself at 6:00 that morning. Amazingly enough, it was daunting and surreal to remember how the night before I was depressed and felt hopeless as usual. There was no apparent reason nor grueling circumstance that an outsider looking in would ever know of this deep sadness. The exteriors of my life were 'normal' and many would consider, I was just fine. But truly I was as an actor, pretending to be happy when I was so miserable inside. My perspective in life within my soul was like a moody pendulum to say the least and it was all based on feelings, emotions and circumstances. It was just the way it was - I had somehow settled in my heart that this is what life is about and there's no use of seeing differently.  

Or so I thought...

Meanwhile in less than 10 hours, everything changed. I woke up with a strange yet familiar peace. I woke up with this foreign joy...yet it was so familiar deep within. My memory of that day is very light and airy. It felt as though I were floating while walking into my office across the hall of our bedroom. 

I made no plans for this supernatural awakening to God. Those were not my plans when I planned on waking up the next morning. And yet this supernatural grace was had or maybe it had me. I don't know - yet I know. A juxtaposition of sorts. I have a fresh memory of that day like it was right now at this very moment.   

I remember that treasured moment walking through the hallway from my bedroom and into the office. Automatically I grabbed the journal on the desk. It was a journal I "randomly" bought the day before as I had no desire to write before that day. As I picked it up, and grabbed a pen - I then proceeded to sit in front of my futon. While sitting on the floor with my back up against the futon, I opened my journal and began to pen unfamiliar words to my mind and yet in my spirit it was like I had written like this all of my life...they were praises to God. While writing I could  hear  these words in my spirit, "You will write praises to Me all the days of your life." Although I had never "heard" God speak; it wasn't scary. It was as though it was a normal moment. And it happened during a time of my life when I wasn't even looking for God; and yet He never lost sight of me (Romans 10:20). 

Fast forward to yesterday, as I was caught up in that incredible memory; I began to ask God, "Thank you for this redeeming memory with you Lord. Could we go deeper with your insight on being chosen by You?"

He then led me to Ephesians 1 and Matthew 22. In just the greeting alone from Paul in the book of Ephesians, his words seemed to jump off the page of the Bible. It was as though the Holy Spirit highlighted the first verse, "I am writing to God's holy chosen people in Ephesus, who are faithful followers of Christ Jesus." 

It was as though I could see the Holy Spirit teaching me that one sentence..."Teresa, Paul points out to the people in Ephesus that they are God's holy chosen people...and he expounds on what a holy chosen people looks like...God's holy chosen people are those who are faithful followers of Christ Jesus. Faithful followers of not just one another; but of Jesus Christ. 

After reading verse one and writing down what the Holy Spirit was teaching. I was then led to write the following, something I would also love to share with you. Perhaps you've received this revelation from Him as well...or something along these lines:

- My desire to want to know You more;

- My desire to reveal you more so others will want to live in You ;

- My desire to want others who have hurt me to be forgiven;

- My desire to no longer be hurt by people but hurt FOR them;

these desires revealing Your grace/supernatural ability to even desire such miraculous wonders.

Those desires in Him are circumstantial evidence of what being CHOSEN looks like. 

To have the grace to say, “Yes” to Jesus; to repent and follow Jesus; to hunger and thirst for God. All of these are MAGNIFICENT SIGNS AND WONDERS of being chosen by Him who has called us to Himself. What a miracle to even delight in who He is and what He does. We can't boast nor do we even desires to boast in our own self-discipline or devotion to God. All of it is simply a response to the goodness of God and His grace that is given to us to obey with such delight in who He is. 

Today's Triumphant Victorious Reminder is knowing we will always learn more and more of Who He is; as He is miraculous truth. To know that being chosen causes us to stay in Christ Jesus. For it is in Him and through Him where He is seen in and through us to have this ability to follow Him. 

Love, Teresa Ann

Scripture References:

Matthew 22:1-14

Ephesians 1:1

Romans 10:20

Reflection Questions:

Are you hungering for more of God?

Do you want to know Him in a deeper way?

Would love to know how God ministers to you...please share. 

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