Wednesday, May 13, 2009, "Running From Bad News"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
By: Teresa Criswell

"Since we have such [glorious] hope (such joyful and confident expectation), we speak very freely and openly and fearlessly."
~ II Corinthians 3:12 ~

For those of us who go to church, why do we go? Is it to say that I go to church? Is it another opportunity to dress up? Is it the opportunity to see my friends? To teach? To please God?

What is the agenda? There is a hidden agenda many times, isn't there?

Do we know what is going on in the world around us in our own country? I know, we hear and are reminded of the horrific and negative things that go on around us from many sources, such as the media. I act like a scared little chicken running from things that God may want to use me in. I have heard myself say, "I'm so tired of listening to the news, it's always bad news." Today, I got slapped with reality 'in love' when I saw in the forefront of my mind, "Of course it's bad news, look who runs the world? To get the good news out you've got to know the importance and value of the good news to provide hope in the midst of the bad."

Sometimes we as Christians run from the bad news into a church building to hear another wonderful, heroic story wrapped up a little differently, to make ourselves feel better. That story is to provide hope and a building block of faith to know that we can place our trust in God, no matter what and pass it on to someone else.

We know we are called to give hope to the hopeless, we also know and have heard that we are equipped, but why have many of us convinced ourselves that there is not much we can do?

I know for myself, I have been convinced that until I get my own life straight, or see the finances coming in, I just might not be able to help in areas that I would like to...well if this is the case, every man for himself then, because none of us will have our lives completely perfected. I truly was reminded today that I can only go by God's power through the Spirit of God by what Jesus already did on my behalf.

Don't feel like I have the resources to help another person or family, because I don't have the money to do so? I was reminded today that a word of encouragement, inviting them to dinner or even a lending ear is all that needs to be given sometimes, as hope rises up between the encourager and the discouraged and God miraculously gives divine ideas for a solution to walk in.
Church is not about going to a building on Sunday. Is it important? Yes. But what is the church? We get it so confused with a building where we meet together and hear a sermon. Where invisible walls come up and divide by denominations and man's idea of theology, which is the study of the nature of God. That's hilarous all in itself. God doesn't want us to just get knowledge of His nature. He wants us to worship Him and love Him as He reveals His Majestic Nature through His Word upon us and through us. He wants us to do that on a daily basis. Church is to come together and fill each other with encouragement that we received throughout the week that the Holy Spirit equipped us with to shower upon others.

The true church is not concerned about their own lives, as Christ Jesus, the true church is concerned for the lives of others.

I want to be a part in sharing the good news in a world filled with bad news. Where can I start? In my family, where I go shopping, where I may go out to eat. I have noticed that a 'smiling Hello' can do wonders. It does for me.

How am I going to start that today? By looking at Him, taking my eyes off of me. We have a destiny that needs to be lived out, and that destiny is always about others for His glory.

For instance if your work place, school, or the store you frequent is a constant barragement of negativity, then go into it with the joy of the Lord, for there is strength in that! Sometimes we go into a place where it's filled with negativity and we use the excuse, "O, that offends the Holy Spirit." No, that offends you. Or how about this excuse, I'm guilty of this one? "That was the worst customer service ever, I'm never going back." I ask myself, who does that help? What if the Holy Spirit wants to utilize me to bring forth who HE is in that place? I'm not saying there are times where you must not put yourself in that situation anymore, but we need to evaluate our intentions.

However, at the same time I need to 'weigh' why I want to run. Is it because it is too difficult? Or is it because I am suppose to run. I believe that I will know as I allow God to highlight those areas in my life.

By nature, I am a 'runner' from anything difficult, especially confrontation. However, I am learning and being reminded daily the world cannot afford me to run, when I am called and equipped to stand in love; His Love.

God bless us as we know when to run and when to stand as we bring hope to the once hopeless.


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