September 26, 2009, "Thank You"

Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell
Inserted Heartfelt thanks from Tammy (Poppa C.O.'s daughter)

"This is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it."
~ Psalm 118:24 ~

This is how Poppa starts out each devotional for the day:
"Good Day to you, my Friends and Family, and Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior."

"This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it."
Psalm 118: 24"

I sit here amazed as I have read the heartfelt encouraging words. These notes of encouragement from all of the wonderful people who have been touched by the Lord through Poppa C.O.'s life and 'Abundant Life Christian Fellowship, Online'.

Today, I thought of Paul (he wrote most of the New Testament, which were letters to different churches) and the many times he was imprisoned and I wonder how many letters did he receive from the Body of Christ, when he needed encouragement the most?

Many times the conditions Paul was in was undoubtedly unimaginable. It has been said that Paul when he would write to the believers of Jesus Christ that many times he would be in chains, in waist deep sewage, cells infiltrated with rats and yet he was still praising God and encouraging others through these awful conditions for the cause of Christ. He was imprisoned because of his love for Christ. He suffered for Christ's name sake and yet he still encouraged.

I realize today even moreso the reminder that this encouraging could not take place on our own abilities, or on Paul's own abilities. He found strength from within by the power of the Holy Spirit; the Spirit of God to flow in the gift of encouragement. Truly it flowed because of Paul's pursuit of the heart of God, revealed through Jesus Christ as He walked on the earth and then revealed by the Holy Spirit, the Promise that Jesus said would come after he ascended to heaven. The impartation of God's power in our lives from the Holy Spirit when accepting Jesus Christ as our Savior, is unbelievable when we allow Him to reign and overtake others through our lives with great love that we could never imagine being bestowed upon us.

Poppa C.O. has allowed Jesus Christ to reign by allowing the Spirit of God to do what He wills. He has allowed the Light of Christ to overtake the darkness in the marketplace. He has allowed the anointing of God to infiltrate the marketplace. His ministry from God is to the businessmen and women and with great delight it is beautiful to see the outpouring of encouragement on Poppa C.O.'s website (

Tammy, Poppa C.O.'s daughter wanted to let everyone know the gratefulness of their family towards each of you. Here is her following heartfelt thanks to God on your behalf.

I know you will be blessed as you read:

Hello Everyone,

This is Tammy...Papa C.O.'s daughter. I've been hearing about this site for a few days now and have just now had the opportunity to check it out.

On that note, I want to thank EVERYONE who has written notes to Dad here. I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face as I read all the sentiments. I want to thank EVERYONE who has sent flowers and cards and those that call and visit to check his progress. My family has been overwhelmed by the support we have received from the Firestone family and those within Dad's ministry. We've literally been in awe of the efforts so many have made towards him (and us) during this difficult time. Of course we have the honor of being able to call him "our own" as his family and we KNOW how incredibly special he is but, I must tell you that, the outpouring of love we have witnessed from all of you in this has reminded us once more of what an amazing man C.O. Farmer is. He genuinely touches people's lives in wonderful ways and we're all the better for knowing him. Your support has truly brought comfort to us. I can tell you that it's been heart breaking for us to witness him in this kind of pain. It's been beyond anything we imagined as we all drove in to Arlington last week and it has literally brought us to our knees. But it gives us hope and strength to know that SO MANY care about him and are praying for his recovery and that there is a belief among all of us that there must be a purpose in this. It's been my own hard won experience that has taught me that pain usually gives birth to something incredible and I hope that is the case here. We would ask that you continue to pray for him every time he comes to your mind as he has a very long road ahead of him. As my beautiful mother says, "Prayer DOES change things."

I'll leave you with an update. Last night Dad was moved to the rehab. The transition left him pretty restless and they haven't quite gotten his pain medication right but they are working on it. He is at Health South in Arlington. Feel free to express yourselves as you wish with flowers or whatever. The 'no flower' request was put into place when they were moving him around Arlington Memorial though I will tell you that we are going to move him to Health South Austin as soon as he is able and we will let you know once that happens. Again, we are so very grateful to everyone who has reached out.

Tammy, Jason, Joy and Dace

As many of us know this is how Poppa C.O. closes each devotional,
"Blessings and Love to you, and yours, my Brothers and Sisters.
You are blessed.
Be a blessing to those in your world as you go forth today in God's favor.
It will be a Good Day.

Love forever and always,


If you would like to write an encouraging note to Poppa C.O. whether you knew of him or not, please feel free to do so by going to
When you get to the site, then click on 'Guestbook' and you can write an encouraging note to him and his family.


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