February 22, 2010, "The End is Not The End"

"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End," says the Lord, "who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty."
~ Revelation 1:8 ~

"But I say to you that for every idle word men may speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgment."
~ Matthew 12:36 ~

I pray that you are encouraged by The Source of Encouragement Who Is Almighty God.

"I Am The I Am that is here, was and will always be.
Come to Me, I Am your Strength.
I Am Restorer.
I have and possess, never to be stolen the keys of death, hell and the grave.
Let Me be Your God.
I Am the Key to Life, Abundance and Resurrection Power.

Your own strength will run out, it will end, But I Your God Am Continual Strength;
your Fountain of Living Water. This is Who I Am.

I Am Provider of Your much needed strength ~ Yet, I Am also that Substance of Strength.

I created You and in that creation I created a perfect purpose. A specific destiny not according to the comprehension of what this realm attempts to foresee.

Just as the human body is intricately created, consisting of vessels, arteries, ligaments, tendons, cartiledge, organs, limbs, muscles, bones, skin, etc. each has a specific function, for a specific purpose.

The skin doesn't look at the heart and say, "I want to be like you." The liver doesn't say to the hand, "I want to be like you." They do as they are purposed to do. You have destiny and purpose, specific to the plan that I have made for you to walk in, with Me guiding you. As I guide you, My Son Jesus revealed me as Father and only did according to what I do. Jesus spoke these words on this earth manifesting the purpose and specifics of being in relationship with Me Your God. It was clearly spoken by My power and direction through Jesus Christ that He "is The Way, The Truth and The Life and NO ONE comes to Me, The Father but through Yeshua (My Son, Jesus)" (John 14:6).

Your own and man's guidance leads to death. I Am the Key to get off the path of death and I Am the Way to the path of Abundant Life.

There is no need to stumble and fall when I make your crooked paths straight. I Am The God who Transforms into wholeness and newness in life with great abundance. I Am The I Am. There is none greater than I.
I Am the Beginning. Every successful principle stems from Who I Am, revealing a glimpse of Who I Am.

I Am your Significance.
I Am your Success.
I Am. I Am. I Am.
Take My Hand and let Me reveal to you Who I Am.

This is not your end, unless you decide that it is.
I Am The God of New Beginnings. Even when the signs and seasons cause you to sense that it is the end, it is not the End. In your scope of 'now' is not what I see. I see in a dimension of Who I Am which is Eternal.

I Am The Beginning and The End.
Do I or will I ever end?
NO. I will not End. I Am God.
There is no ending to who I Am.

I Am Constantly Awesome.
I Am Constantly Loving.
I Am Constantly Merciful.
I Am Constantly Faithful.
My conception of the end is not yours.

The end to many is like the last page of a book and as the book closes is their definition of 'the end'.
My 'End' is the opening of a new book overflowing with restoration, refreshment and revitalizing strength.
I Am Strength.
Stir up that which has been gifted to you.
I will never abandon You or cause you to be unprepared.
You must come and partake of that which is already provided.
I cause Overflow of Joy in the midst of heartache and great disappointment.
I cause Overflow of Peace in the midst of bitter chaos.
I Cause Overflow of Power in the midst of your greatest weakness.
I cause overflow of Faith in the midst of utter fear.

Stir my gifts up. How? With your tongue. You be an influencer on that tool which is to cause great victory. That tongue has led many to great destruction in complaining, murmuring, gossip, spewing out bitterness, Guide that tongue with praises of Me on purpose. The tongue has glorified the wrong long enough, now utilize that tongue to glorify Me, Your Everlasting God, The Beginning and The End."


  1. Last week I had a conversation with a woman who says the same thing everytime I see her "God never answers my prayers."

    A few months ago as I was praying over her, God gave me a word for her, it was "I AM."

    And your message today really nails it, too. If HE IS, then we should not worry, doubt, or declare negative words. Instead we should rejoice, for He is the great I AM!!!

    Head over to my blog, sweetie. Having a giveaway to celebrate my new look...


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