February 4 ~ February 11, 2010, "Love"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written By: Teresa Criswell

"...God is Love."

~ I John 4:8 ~

I'm on line today, utilizing my sister's computer as we visit her and her beautiful family; including their beautiful new addition to their family...Emmie Kay Carter Gaines. She is so precious.

I truly appreciate your patience as we are in the process of getting our computer back to 'health'...but this is not my focus. I must admit that I am amazed that without my computer how I can see more clearly. When I say that, I mean I see life around me with great appreciation...the journal and my pen impress the heartbeat of my passion for God. I must clarify however, this is not my passion that drives me; it is definitely the passion of God stirring on the inside wanting to breathe out of me with great intention and purpose.

I want to share my heart with this simple journal entry that cast such a glorious perspective on the Love of God. Not only the Love which He possesses, or bleeds as it flows eternally through and out of Him; but also the Love that reveals Who He is. His glorious love is Who He is. As we receive a glimpse of Eternal, Amazing God, even in only the glimpse it is still a mind blowing, transforming power that overtakes us; IF we allow Him!

Journal Entry to the Father God, January 30, 2010:
"I long to love You and others with Your love God. Not my own love that is as filthy rags. For my love is based on conditions. I want to love you God with Your love. I am able to love with great ability upon the ones who are lovable. The "I love yous" flow, but then when things of life mess up or are even destroyed, my own love does not have the capacity to wrap around people as Your love does. My love can love the lovable, but what about the ones YOU have called me to love. The ones You have called me to love are unlovable, my enemies, traitor's in my life. No wonder You have called me to love my enemies, because I can't do it in and of myself. I must depend on You to love them. As I depend on You to love them, Your love transcends and overflows so beautifully and majestically, more powerful than the most rushing waterfall. Your love can love the ones I have the ability to love far greater than my own. And because of Your love, I can then most importantly love You with Your love."

When writing and reading this raw entry, I am reminded yet again of the calling God has called each of us to. When we become more intimate with God, there is a drawing to become more intimate with others directly from The Heart of God. The intimacy with God, begins to see Him as The Lover in pursuit of us, yet we also begin to pursue Him in ways we could never imagine. It becomes a forever transformation that annihilates our lives and the ones we come into contact with!

I pray I allow His Love to compel and propel me to love like I never dreamed. As I am compelled and propelled to love, it will only light His passion of fire upon others to compel and propel to know Him intimately. Not just 'knowing' that His name is the One to call on when in need, but knowing that He is all you long for and desire as you call upon His awesome Name!


  1. I enjoyed looking over your blog
    God bless you

  2. Beautiful words Teresa. Thank you for sharing your heart ponderings as you journal along.

    Please stop by my site, I have an award for you.

    Sweet Blessings!

  3. I love this line, "When we become more intimate with God, there is a drawing to become more intimate with others directly from The Heart of God."

    Tell your sis hello for me. Enjoy your time without a computer!

  4. Hi Alisa! Thank you so much for coming by to 'visit'! That blesses me when you do so...I also will say, "Hi" to Jojo for you!
    Jackie! Thanks for visiting and thanks for the award!
    'Old Geezer'! Haahaa! Thanks for coming by to visit and for enjoying the blog!


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