February 26, 2010, "Dying to Live"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspirec by the Holy Spirit
Written By: Teresa Criswell

"Jesus said to her,
"I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live."

~ John 11:25 ~

Lord, thank you for another day.
Another day you have allowed me to be a part of.
You are so awesome and so amazing!
As I think of how amazed I am by You, it leads me to the
reminder that I am here because of You, as You have a great
plan and destiny for others to see, know and experience, leading
them to You through Jesus Christ.

There are the ones, like myself, who profess and confess that we know You,
Am I revealing You? Lord You have equipped us all to be that which the world must see. They need an encouraging word, touch and gentle embrace
knowing that You continually draw us to You to be filled beyond overflowing.
The overflow effect is not to only say, "Look I have and possess overflow." But it
is to share and pour out that which You have provided upon us so lavishly.
I love You Lord.
What is it that You desire for me to do with You today?
Lord, I want to be open to Your will and be obedient to Your will.
The hurting ones, prepare my heart to see, go and do so that
they may see, know and experience You.
The ones that are hateful, you have equipped me with Your Love.
The ones that are judgemental and cause great stirring of strife, You
have equipped me with Your peace, love and joy! It is on the inside of me.
Lord! I struggle to know when 'enough is enough'? Your kindness revealed in us is not weakness, so why do others take it that way? Did you mean for me to become a doormat?
"Teresa, I am more than Enough. You lean on Me when you 'feel' enough is enough.
I have no boundaries, yet you do. Walk out of the comfort of what you call enough and what you justify as needing boundaries. Why do you expect things to go the way you think or feel it should? When you expand into the enemy's territory, when you yield and submit to Me, I will surely keep your hand and mouth from the temptation to do evil . Especially keeping you from speaking and doing evil against those who have done evil to you. Doormat? Look! My nail scarred hands. Look! My nail scarred feet. Look! My pierced side...Teresa, these scars do not represent my ending...they represent the beginning to your abundant life of redemption through Me, For what I died to is what I overcame with Power that cannot be measured, for this power is Eternal. I Am the Resurrection and The Life! Lean on Me at all times. When things are great, Lean on Me. When things surprise you and take you on a course I never intended, lean on Me...that course that I did not intend, still does not take Me by surprise. Teresa, you are learning at this very moment on another level how to die to self. Selfish, defensive steps you have taken to justify by fear. I call you to lay down. Make offensive steps through My Word, which is your Sword. Activate the Sword by speaking forth My Word, echo My words back to Me as I am watching over My Word to perform it. I do not watch over your word to perform it, I watch over My Word to perform it! No more defensive mechanisms at work, but Offensive as you have been justified by faith."

Wow! Lord! Wow! Thank You for the equipping of Your Word which is beyond my comprehension of this world's definition of power.
I am Your daughter. I am an heiress to who You are. Wow! Insults hurled my way, they can't come close to me, for I need to remind myself who I am and who I belong to!
I love You my Awesome Father! Thank You for Your encouragement as You are Encouragement!

Love your daughter,


  1. This is such a beautiful prayer! Thank you for sharing these encouraging and inspiring words! I need to daily repeat this line, "What is it that You desire for me to do with You today?"


  2. Hi Alissa..isn't it amazing how our prayers change when we focus on the King? Wow...citing our sights on Him is the Key....I am captivated by the words you write as well, revealing the intimacy with our Father God!


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