April 7, 2010, "I'll Do It Tomorrow"

Triumphant Victorious Reminders
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by: Teresa Criswell

Today, I had an agenda...not one of those planned agendas were accomplished. I wanted to see my friend today, I was even on my way to her house, when I felt this tug in my spirit to turn around; I have learned to listen to that inner voice of the Holy Spirit, speaking to my spirit.

When I came home, I was drawn to get done what I had kept telling myself I would get done 'tomorrow'. Of course telling myself 'tomorrow' has totaled to over 365 'tomorrows'. Yes. I had been ignoring, procrastinating some things that needed to get done for the past year; and finally it was like a loud whisper...sit down and get it done today!

The short version is that I have been in the process of editing my book before it goes to be
re-printed. Well, for what should have been 3 to 4 weeks, turned into three years when it came to receiving my copyright certificate. It seemed that when I would call or email to find out the status, there would be no response. I thought, "Are you kidding? This is ridiculous! I must for my own peace of mind, have that certificate." Of course, it was not only for my peace of mind, but hey...I paid for it, registered for it, what's takin' so long? Right?

So in the process of waiting, time slipped by, life went on and I sit here amazed how time has passed like the sand in an hourglass. Finally, I intentionally sat down and edited my whole book from front to cover...what I couldn't do in a year, I did in less than a day, which I am grateful to God for the grace to do so. Well, the last correspondence I had in regards to the certificate was March 2009...over a year. So I got back on the 'case'. I emailed, called and MIRACULOUSLY got the call back immediately! The gentleman called me back and was more than apologetic and sympathetic to my situation. After his apologies, he let me know that the pending issue was resolved and they had a registration number for me since March 2009. He also informed me that the certificate had been mailed out at that time as well! He stated that if I had not yet received my certificate to please let him know and he would reissue a certificate for me and send it in the mail. Immediately, he verified my address and reassured me that the certificate would be mailed out tomorrow.

After this eventful day of accomplishments, not originally on today's agenda, I sat back in my chair with great relief. I thought and reflected back on the timeline from today and March 2009, and seeing that truly God's hand was in on this whole thing. Reflecting back, I realize and now know that if I would have received the copyright certificate last year, I wouldn't have worked so diligently on re-editing my work. I am not kidding, as soon as I was finished editing my book is when what I had been waiting for had opened up!

I am reminded how I must get things in order and lined up according to God's direction and His agenda versus my direction and my agenda. Nothing takes Him by surprise. If I can constantly remember this, then I can truly trust Him to know that He will get those things accomplished when I yield myself to Him. God will make a way for me when I make the choice to do what needs to be done; whether I feel like it or not. I want to be sensitive to His timing and enjoy the time in the process!


  1. Amen for God's timeline...congrats on getting the re-editing done on your book....

  2. Nina said...

    And congratulations on getting it all done.



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